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A Brief Comparison Of Drupal And WordPress To Analyze Which Platform Is Better

You may be wondering whether Drupal or WordPress is better. When you compare the two, it is important to ascertain the purpose for which both these platforms are being used.

wordpress Vs drupal

For most bloggers and webmasters WordPress is the obvious choice as it is easy to use and popular. They may have never heard of Drupal. However, Drupal has carved its place in the market. Most of the websites today make sue of a content management system. Among them, 14% of the websites make use of WordPress while 1.3% of them make use of Drupal. The community built around WordPress is larger in comparison to Drupal.

WordPress versus Drupal

In WordPress, you will come across several tutorials which help you to figure out how the platform can be used. In the case of Drupal, the community is smaller. If you have experience in content management system, you may feel that WordPress has several benefits over Drupal. However, in some cases Drupal may be the right choice. With the help of this content management system, you can develop websites which have a clean look. With the high quality modules, you can easily develop and maintain a website.

With built-in caching, you can create high-performance websites. You can make use of scalable databases and integrate third party applications easily.

Reasons to choose Drupal

Drupal is a very powerful framework which you can use to develop any type of website. The greatest advantage of using Drupal is that it offers a high level of security and SEO benefits. Drupal can respond to unique scenarios and can be used to create custom content.

The blocks in Drupal are stronger than widgets in WordPress. After launch of Drupal 7, it was felt by web developers that Drupal is more scalable and can be used by non-techie users as well. With the use of Drupal, you can easily handle a simple website and complex website as well.

Developing WordPress websites

If you are on the lookout for an easy content management system, WordPress should be your choice. If you want to run a blog or a blog and website in combination WordPress is the right choice. You can easily add posts; include pages and images easily with the help of WordPress. The technology behind this content management system is very simple.

As WordPress is a browser based program, you can login from any computer and manage your site easily. When you are on the go managing the website becomes very easy.

WordPress can be a wise choice

In comparison to Drupal, WordPress is much easier to learn. The learning curve of Drupal is steeper. Drupal is more technical than WordPress. If you build your blog and website with WordPress adding content is not very difficult. The greatest advantage of using WordPress is that you can create customizable websites with the lug-ins, free and paid themes and other useful tools. WordPress is very easy to sue for beginners as well.

It includes several blogging and SEO features which make it easy for you to customize.

Selecting right CMS

Customizing a blog or website is easier with WordPress in comparison to Drupal. You can make the best of the several options which are offered by the web-based platform. With the help of the premium themes, you can change various parts of the website.

Although Drupal allows you to customize your website using WordPress is easier. When you want to choose a CMS online make sure that you make the best choice. A comparison of Drupal and WordPress will give you an idea of what to select.

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I am Vishal Gaikar, Engineer, Web Addicted, Living in Maharastra, India. Email Me @ vishal@techbucket.org


  • I think WordPress is the main or most famous CMS Platform for a website or blog. New bloggers always like to use WordPress for their blogs. It is very easy to use and free open source platform. You don’t have to pay any penny. I’m also using WordPress for my blogs. It’s really cool and easy-to-use platform.

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted..Top 10 Fitness Centers in IndiaMy Profile

  • Off course word press is far better platform in comparison with others that most of the bloggers has used for their blogs. It’s user friendly, free of cost and have many cool themes and stuff that bloggers can apply to their blogs.

  • Thanks for sharing great article about WordPress versus Drupal. It’s very useful for new bloggers. I think wordpress is the best CMS(content management system) platform for our websites because here are so many advanced blog features exists that so far no other product can compete with WordPress in the blog world.
    Thanks for sharing this.. I really appreciate your efforts…
    vella di recently posted..Beyonce New Album Songs 2014 List, Biography and Music Video Song 2015My Profile

  • Nice and very informative post.

    As a WordPress user from the beginning using WordPress has always given me the best results and is also very easy to manage . It has great features which gives the user the type of independence to customize and manage his website in the way he wants. After reading this post I think I should also give a try to Drupal.

    For choosing the best CMS I guess one should look upon the flexibility and features the system is providing for the end user.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sagar recently posted..20 Great Tips for Making a Successful Career ChangeMy Profile

  • Hi Vishal,

    I think WordPress is the better, Now a days every one want easy & free, so words much better for other,

    Thanks for sharing this…

  • Great…Nice way to Explain..I had tried to make a website using Drupal but..Its so difficult and I couldn’t understand How to make website using Drupal..I think WordPress is best

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