Private Military Company Investments and Military Effectiveness

The armed services utilize the resources from the private sector to acquire the newest lines of military equipment. Private military companies work within a competitive marketplace which fosters a high-level of innovation. This equipment and weaponry is then sold to military agencies across the world. As a result, the armed services of countries are able to save money and invest in the best quality technology for their tactical and combat needs.


Military technology companies advertise their achievements online to highlight how their innovations lead to a better military force. These businesses need to showcase how they can help an armed service division cut costs while maintaining the forces readiness for combat.

More often than not, many companies will focus on a particular sector of the military. That means a consumer can expect a specific company will produce technology that is exclusively used for a military division, like the air force, over another, like the navy. This helps the company narrow their niche and focus their technological investments for the needs of a particular military wing.

It should be noted that many companies do have diversified portfolios and create technology for every branch in the military. Consumers should be cognizant of this so they can focus their purchase needs toward a niche company or a diversified company.

Even when a business is focused on a niche military division, like the air force, the business will need to develop a class of technology that may not seem complimentary to that military branch to a lay person. For example, the air force needs ground support equipment for their military operations. Ground support units provide necessary services to planes when they are not in use or when they land during or after a military exercise or battle.

One such unit is a Joint Operations Configurable Combination Cart, or JO3C. A JO3C is a mobile unit that can quickly perform maintenance and diagnostic tests on a fighter jet when it lands on a base or on aircraft carrier. Instead of having multiple modules performing several tasks, the JO3C can act as a single ground unit to power, diagnosis, and repair a jet.

Different military companies will produce their own JO3C units with their own specifications, but the unit itself would not exist without the innovations from private military companies.

To protect their respective nation-states, the armed services of any country will need to work with private entities to purchase new military technology. Private entities are able to experiment faster and more effectively than governments. This allows for more state-of-the-art military weapons, vehicles and accessories that can make an armed services division more efficient.

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  • There is alot of money in military technology to be made, especially if it is useful in the battlefield. Great topic to look into.

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