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10 Barcoding Tips Everyone Should Know

Barcoding is something that some people may find difficult, even though it’s actually a relatively simple technology that can make your business life a lot easier. Here are some tips that you can use to help you understand how barcodes work and learn what it can do for you.


3 Tips for Creating Your Own 1D Barcodes

No matter what you are going to be using a barcode for in business, one of the first steps is choosing the right one. Here are three tips for selecting the right barcode for you according to Accusoft.

  1. Use a Minimum Bar Width – To produce 1D barcodes, the simplest and most basic type of code, create your barcodes with a minimum of at three pixels for each bars width. If you’re using 2D barcodes, the sections should be at least four to five pixels.
  2. Varied Length Data – Do not generate your barcodes using automated systems that use unlimited lengths of data. You will not be able to guarantee the barcode’s overall size if you are squeezing a lot of data into a certain area. If you need variable-length data, make sure that you’re setting a limit on each field’s maximum size.
  3. Steer Clear of Skewed Input – For the most part, higher angles of skew will reduce the recognition accuracy of barcodes. When it’s possible, take the right steps for reducing skew. This could involve routinely maintaining input devices, using better scanners that are sheet-fed, de-skewing the codes into separate interest regions, or just placing boxes on the forms for helping the operators align their barcode stickers properly. If you’re faced with an image that’s skewed, keep in mind that electronic de-skewing will sometimes backfire and decrease the accuracy rather than improve it.

3 Tips Regarding 2D Barcodes

2D barcodes are a more advanced form of barcode that far outstrips 1D barcodes in most areas. Here are three pointers about 2D barcodes as reported by Telaeris.

  1. Data Amount – Since 2D barcodes are able to hold information horizontally and vertically, they can hold a great deal more data than their 1D code cousins; in fact, 2D codes can hold more than 4000 characters. Since a 1D barcode can only hold information horizontally, it’s only able to hold a very limited number of alphanumeric characters.
  2. Size of Your Label – Because 2D barcodes are able to hold your information in two dimensions, they can be printed a lot smaller than 1D barcodes while using the same amount of information.
  3. Recognition Speed – Since 1D barcodes only need to be read from a single direction, they can be read more quickly than 2D barcodes. Supermarkets are still using 1D barcodes since scanning items are going to be a lot faster and easier and they are able to get their customers through checkout lines quickly.

4 Tips for Using QR Codes at a Trade Show

QR codes seem to be all over the place these days, and one of the most popular places to find them is at a trade show. If you’re planning to attend a trade show and you have QR codes to take with you, here are four tips for using them for your business’s advantage according to The Barcode News.

  1. Familiarity – Never assume visitors are familiar with QR code technology. Learn how comfortable your visitors are with QR codes and then engage them in talk or promotions or for whatever other reason you’re there for.
  2. Remember Your Goal – Keep in mind that you’re exhibiting at the show for a particular purpose, to strengthen relationships with your existing customers and to scrounge up new clients.
  3. Offer Surprises – Use the QR codes in some unexpected way through your booth and in your exhibit hall. Directional kiosks that have maps which lead to your company’s booth or codes which entice visitors to scan for deals are going to engage your visitors in an engaging and interactive experience.
  4. Make It Easy for Visitors – Encourage your visitors to download QR reader apps at your booth. This will enable visitors to scan all of the QR codes with your business’s information that you’ve set up around your booth. This is one of the best ways that you can provide visitors with long lasting and cost-effective literature.

In the End?

Barcoding can seem like it’s overwhelming, but once you start using it you are going to wonder how you did without it. It will make things much easier and it will also open up opportunities for your business that you never thought you would have.

Try barcoding and see what it does for you. Chances are that you are not going to regret it and you will find that your days at work are much more pleasant and congenial for everyone in your business.

With barcoding you have more time to dedicate to other things and other people who are in your life. If you are looking for a good place to purchase barcode items, check out Shopify for their barcode printers and wide range of scanners.

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