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Managing websites well can be a complicated business. Typically webmasters will use a variety of online tools to get the information they want and need to keep their finger on the pulse on what their users are thinking when they use their site.

For instance, by looking at the user behaviour you might see that you have a really high bounce rate. The next step of determining why users aren’t continuing on to other pages is where more advanced analytics comes into play. You can review heatmaps to see where people leave their cursors or where they click on the page, you could use polls or surveys, you can playback recordings of real user behaviour or you might employ your own testing group. All of these methods traditionally required signing up to additional external services, this usually meant it was a costly affair reserved only for larger corporations but not any longer!


Hotjar provides a multitude of advanced features that aims to be the only analytics you need to truly understand your visitors.

What does Hotjar offer?



Review your visitors’ clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour with heatmap visualizations that can show high value areas and dead areas on your web pages.

Feedback & Exit polls


Improve the user experience of your websites with direct feedback from your visitors. You can ask an unlimited amount of questions that will work on any device.

Funnel & Form Analytics


Discover where and when visitors are leaving your site. This can help you improve your conversion rates and understand why visitors are abandoning your forms and pages.

Visitor Recordings


Watch the behaviour of your visitors to see how they interact with your site.

Why is Hotjar different?

Hotjar’s unique selling point is that it offers all these features in one solution which makes it an attractive proposition. Hotjar also claims that by offering all these features in one solution the end result is a much more economical solution for webmasters typically saving you 90%.

Hotjar is in free public beta – you can get free early access by signing up to Hotjar here and see for yourself whether this is the solution for you.

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  • The strength of this new solution lies in the fact that it combines a wide range of features that is needed to truly understand your audience.

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