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8 Great Ways Bands Are Using the Internet to Promote Themselves

The Internet has changed the face of music forever, and artists now have access to millions of listeners across the globe, but only if they know where to look. It is a new age for businesses everywhere, and the music industry is no different. Aspiring musicians can now find their niche and their audience, and can use the Internet to promote their music, in a variety of different ways. Stars are born, and art is realised with the power of the Internet.


Nowadays, everyone has access to amazing technology to listen to music too. We listen on smartphones, Hi-Fi systems, the car radio, through tablets and computers. The quality of audio equipment on Gumtree and eBay these days is amazing. We can get great sound at a fraction for the price of the past. This is great for the music industry and great for our promotion efforts.

Let’s take a look at some of the diverse ways musicians promote their music online:

1. A Personal Website

Every artist should have a website in this day and age. Musicians can create a simple website themselves, or can hire professionals to ensure a top-notch design and functioning platform. From here, you can display your songs, your biography, and perhaps contact details, useful for potential clients. A website is also a great way to boost your profile, and to sell music directly to fans. It should be linked as far as possible to other promotional methods online.

 2. Social Media

The world of social media is growing every day and is one of the main places where people tend to share what they enjoy. You can build up a hefty following on the various social media platforms, especially if you engage well with your fans and provide them with plenty of new material. Make a Facebook page, a twitter music account, and do not neglect Myspace, a social platform aimed specifically at musicians, and which is undergoing a revival as of late.

3. Youtube

The birthplace of many stars, and of many funny moments, YouTube is a free and easy way to share your music and live performances. YouTube videos are a great way to show your fans what you are all about, and might encourage them to attend some of your live shows if you are ever around.

 4. Soundcloud

Another platform designed specifically for sharing music; Soundcloud should be considered. With 200 million regular listeners always on the hunt for new material, Soundcloud gives the aspiring musician a great chance to promote their material.

5. Reddit Music

Reddit has a notoriously hard to please user base, so you had better be open to criticism (mostly constructive) if you plan to use it to promote. It is however a very raw and real platform, and when you share your music here, you get fans for the right reasons. Your art is judged fairly and without prejudice. Reddit Music is a must if you want to engage with real, opinionated, people about your music.

6. Spotify

Spotify is a big name in music and gives its listeners access to a library of tunes; millions spanning over many different genres. You can promote your music here, and hopefully make a little bit of money along the way.

7. Last FM

Last FM is a popular and hugely intelligent radio station, which is capable of matching users with music that they might enjoy, as well as giving them the option to select their own choices. As a musician looking to promote your work, Last FM is full of benefits. You could be matched to users on the style of your songs, or on being similar to another artist. You also earn royalties every time your music is listened to.

8. Integration

Musicians use many methods to promote their material on the Internet. One of the best tricks for promotion is to combine these separate elements so that they form a kind of web on the web (pardon the pun). You should knit together all of your promotional avenues until they form a big blanket of information, music, fan bases, products, and websites. Combine and link your personal website, social media groups, YouTube videos, and so on as much as possible. Be noticed!

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