If You’re An Android Man, Protect Your Device With A Smartphone Skin

Your friends call you crazy, but that’s just who you are. They’re more than welcome to their own opinions, but you’re a man of distinction who plays by your own rules. They have an iPhone, but you’re an Android man.

In the age of constant branding, Apple has carved out a market as the de facto smartphone for the modern age. They are known as the device that characters use in modern thrillers and romantic comedies, they created Siri and iTunes and a signature design. But they’re not the only smartphone on the market and they may not even be the best one.

The new iPhone 6 offers a larger screen, revamped camera and higher resolution, which were all originally assets of the Android system. Critics have called the iOS 8 an app management and icon style that has been directly appropriated from the Android.

If you’re on the fence about which smartphone to invest in, the Android has unique capabilities that make it a very strong competitor on the market. And thanks to the new Android Lollipop operating system, you shouldn’t discount these phones for fear of not being like everyone else.


For starters, the Android allows you to customize your apps by troubleshooting them and seeing how much storage they take up on your phone. If you don’t want to run Safari, their unique settings can let you bring up Google Chrome instead. Their widget settings pop up under your lock or home screen, letting you access valuable information even when your phone isn’t being used.

Androids let you know the weather, the schedule of the next bus you’re taking and even how many calories you’ve burned today. By keeping important reminders always in your peripheral vision, you can stay focused on your day.

It’s easy to go on about Android’s unique customizations (they allow you to see bus and transit routes in their Map app! You can flip between apps in a split-screen for easy multitasking!), but the truth is that it all comes down to your personal style. Apple is only now catching on to the fact that a bigger screen is often better for users who do the bulk of their work emailing, video streaming and scheduling on their smartphone.

In their holiday gift guide, Laptop Magazine called the Motorola Moto X the best Android phone on the market. With the same capabilities as its competitors, the model is also aggressively priced at $99 (US), making it the perfect Boxing Day treat or holiday gift for a new Android convert in your life.

You’ll want to finish your device off by obtaining the very best smartphone protection on the market. Smartphone skins are an adhesive covering made from highly durable 3M vinyl, and are a very cool alternative to a bulky plastic case. Go online to check out the latest gadget device skins from dbrand, an online retailer that creates coverings that are available for Android models of all sizes.

Whether you want to deck out your device in faux leather or silver titanium, these skins act as a protective barrier against the daily wear and tear that can destroy your delicate machinery. Instead of weighing down your phone, they accent its sleek design by fitting it like a second skin. Best of all, a state-of-the-art smartphone skin says, “I’m an Android man. Deal with it.”

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