5 Famous Mobile Payment Apps

Technology advancement has led to an amazing breakthrough in the world of finances and money transfer, namely Mobile Payment. Now that mobile payment is a service for online money transfers, a service provider, in the shape of a software is also required to enable smart phones with this service.

In lieu of that, many developers have been using their skills to create easier and better solutions, and have been quite successful. The 5 Most Famous Apps that have been in market are mentioned below with a brief description.


This plug and play device enables smart phones to read plastic cards and carry out money payments and transfers.



  • Is available for operating systems: iOS, Android.
  • Does not cost any secondary charges (fee for setup, ongoing, charge-back, etc.).
  • Records data for unlimited swipes and accounts.
  • Costs 2.75 percent per swipe.
  • Enables users to sign right on the mobile screen.
  • Provides printed as well as electronic receipts to the buyers, along with any tip or service charges to the merchant.

PayPal Here

PayPal does not sound new to hear – it has been in market for quite a time now for the online payment services – and thus has built for itself a certain market.

Paypal here

Apart from the services for PayPal accounts, it accepts the plastic cars, too, and also the fund transfers right from the bank accounts. It:

  • Is app is available for operating systems: iOS, Android.
  • Is very quick in carrying out fund deposits.
  • Does not charge any fee for subscription or cancellation of service.
  • Costs7 percent per transaction.

Intuit GoPayment


In addition to the basic function, which is similar to what has been discussed earlier, it lets the users manage their accounts for business using Quickbooks. Moreover, there are many Point-of-Sale products from Intuit are also available in market which automatically synchronize the details of transactions with the system. It:

  • Is available for operating systems: iOS, Android.
  • Sends electronic receipts via email or texts to the customers
  • Comes with an adjustable cost; for unitary transactions only 2.75 percent per transaction, whereas $12.95 fixed per month with 1.75 percent per transaction is charged otherwise.



PaySimple can also accept ACH and e-check payments. It also sends electronic invoices to the customers. For recurring payments like carpet cleaning, etc. it maintains a record of customer and purchase. It:

  • Is available for operating systems (OS): iOS.
  • Costs $34.95 per month, apart from 2.39 percent per transaction charges.
  • Enables customers to sign right on the mobile screen.

Pay Anywhere


Pay Anywhere can store unlimited data regarding customers and their purchases. It:

  • Is available for operating systems (OS): iOS, Android.
  • Does not charge for subscription.
  • Costs 2.69 percent per swipe – scalable with respect to the sale volume.
  • Includes customer’s photo and description plus the details of the purchase in the electronic receipt.

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