Protect Your Online Identity with Hide My IP

Hide My IP is a quite popular VPN service provider among most of the users who are really worried for their online privacy and security. Although there are plenty of VPN software these days, but finding a software which is reliable too can be quite challenging for many.


Hide My IP is one such VPN software that takes serious care of your online security and anonymity. Due to increase in cyber crime, people are now taking their online security quite seriously.

So, if you are looking forward to a software that not only ensures your online security but is reliable too, then Hide My IP is undoubtedly the best software for anonymously accessing the internet and keeping your identify confidential.

Key Features of Hide My IP

Hide My IP is an incredible software that not only allows the users to anonymously browse over the internet but also ensures that no one spy on you or steal your important information over the internet.


This software conceals your online identity as well as encrypts your internet connection. Hide My IP can be used for various purposes that are mentioned below:

  • You can use this software for sending emails anonymously.
  • The users can even unblock themselves from message boards and forums.
  • It also allows you to securely surf the internet at public Wi-Fi hotspots in places such as coffee shops etc.
  • The users can also privately download and upload P2P files.
  • You can even get access to restricted websites at work or school. Many organizations block several websites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook etc. a software like Hide My IP can enable the user to get easy access to these websites despite of the restrictions.
  • It also enables the user to browse a website as a visitor from some other country. This feature can be very useful especially for those who travel quite frequently and want to access streaming services that are restricted based on the location of an individual (For Instance: Hulu).
  • Hide My IP can even be used for creating a virtual firewall and cloaking of VoIP calls.


Hide My IP is compatible with most of the modem browsers like Maxthon, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and many more. Moreover, Hide My IP is also compatible with various types of firewalls, wireless networks, home networks, routers or any other kind of internet connection. Not just this, Hide My IP also works with several tools like Outlook, Skype and instant messengers.

Hide My IP is available for both Mac as well as Windows. The software enables the user to exclusively choose from different US based IP addresses.

This can be useful if you need to frequently surf various sites as a visitor from US while shielding your anonymity. Another important aspect of Hide My IP is that it only makes use of Elite proxies that makes sure that your real IP address is not revealed to any site you are browsing.


The standard variant of Hide My IP will cost the users 29.99$ for a lifetime use. On the other hand the users can even avail the free version of this software with limited features. However, if you are a power user and wish to access more features with a much faster connection, a monthly subscription pack is also available for that purpose.

The premium service is priced at 7$ per month and comes with many more features. It enables the user to experience faster downloading and surfing and they can even make use of different IPs from Canada, Germany, UK, France, Russia, Singapore, US etc.

Final Say

So, if you are looking forward for a rigid and reliable VPN software with all security features, then Hide My IP is certainly the best choice for you. So, get started with this incredible software today and enjoy surfing anonymously.

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  • There are two ways to become anonymous while surfing the internet these are the proxy servers and the hide your IP address software. By proxy server, you can easily surf any site anonymously.

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