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Choose Facebook and Twitter over Email: Think Again

Facebook and Twitter are the projectors of the social life that reflect your real life online. It shows the world, covering almost every internet user known to you, but is that the way it works when it comes to advertising a brand online?

Social Media

Or is there some other player that is efficiently doing the work.

Media: the game changer of everything

Users of the social media have seen a rise, owing to the ease with which information is broadcasted and received. The media, therefore, creates an image and sells the image not the product itself. Making it necessary for the companies to invest in media and maintain the brand name in the market by various paid media channels. Social media channels are sharing business ventures and profit margins with big brands for creating the peer pressure and brand picturization.

However, negative responses spread like wildfire in the online market as customers shopping online have a habit of seeing the reviews of others before buying the product. Negative comments impact on the production of the commodity. This is the setback in terms of social marketing.

Also, personalised touch is lost in the social campaign advertisement, that surely creates inbound traffic but does not have a way for tracking the returns on investment.

E-mail: More personal. More Logical

Suggesting that the Facebook fans and Twitter followers should be converted in the e-mail subscribers is a serious business strategy. An e-mail has been replaced as one to one interaction tool by some famous social networking portals, but its significance remains.

Counting the benefits of E-mail:

  • Personalised messages.
  • Builds a relation.
  • Exponentially better to track sales and customer engagement.
  • Customer database.

Personalizing the messages

The emails received are letters addressed to the user can be framed according to the location of the user or customer, which provides a personal touch and also defines the product or brand more appropriately. Content for the Social Media is written keeping in mind global perspective.

Building a Relation

The building of a relation is necessary for the long association of clients and customers; hence the impression making of social media Advertising is overshadowed by the relation building of e-mail.

Branding, today, works in the terms of opinions and experiences by the people and gets promoted on the basis of the review of the people. Due to the reason, people trust other people more than any brand’s claims.

Exponentially better to track sales and customer engagement

The most crucial element in defining and shaping policies of marketing and promotions. These records are prepared by the links in the e-mails and directly provides details for the customer’s sales and purchase history. That again helps in customizing the email data and make it more marketable for a specific product and a specific consumer. It keeps the client’s interest intact and makes choose more through a source that is in touch constantly.

Customer Database

This enables the brands and companies to differentiate the different needs of its consumers and again make the alteration in the formulas and functioning of the promotion policies.

E-mail: Smarter than the Rest

Investment and tracking the investment can be both included under the functioning of email and hence more rewarding compared to social media platforms. Emails transform the business needs and, therefore, makes it convenient to frame the marketing strategy and analyzing the and expectations of the consumer.

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