Top 10 Mobile Apps for MBA Students

MBA is one of the most demanded degrees all over the world. If you wish to work in big business organizations or MNCs then you must have a MBA degree. Firms often look for candidates who possess good knowledge of business as well as management. Therefore, many students get attracted towards the MBA course.


So, if you are one of them and wish to get all the information regarding MBA and related topics then here we have listed the top 10 mobile apps for MBA students which are quite informative. Also if you are from gurgaon then check out best mba colleges in gurgoan. These apps enables the users to create and save notes, access PDF files, record transactions, subscribe to lectures, seminars and much more.

Documents to Go

Documents to Go is an ideal app which supports viewing and editing of different types of file including PowerPoint Presentations, PDF files, and MS Word documents. If you wish to make your business mobile friendly then Documents to Go can be very useful for you. The app can be easily accessed by Android, Blackberry and iOS users.

Dragon Diction

This is a quite popular and most used app by MBA students. The app enables you to dictate text messages, tweets and emails to your device and the app will automatically type it for you. With the help of this app you can jot down your notes or ideas by simply speaking them which saves a lot of time and effort.


Proper maintenance of MBA related finances can be quite tiring and stressful job especially when new transactions are added up to the list. This is where Ledger comes in the scene and makes tracking much easier. This handy application for MBA students makes the detailed study of finances easier for them. It helps users to record purchases, bank transactions, loans and any other financial activity.

Virtual University

This app helps you turn your devices into a virtual classroom. Using the app, one can access different lectures on business and other related topics from higher institutions and universities such as MIT, Stanford and Harvard etc. the app offers an online platform to its users to interact with each other.


This amazing application acts just like a “Cloud” thus enabling you to store all your documents at a secured place, be it your phones, laptops, computers or the Dropbox site. The app allows easy access and sharing of important files or documents by the users. You can share any information with your business colleagues or classmates using Dropbox

MBA Reference

If you are a keen learner and wish to get quick access to the basics of the business world then MBA Reference is the best app for you. The app is fully loaded with information on various topics such as business cycles, supply chain managements, operations, management, negotiations and much more. This informative app is a must have for MBA students.

iTunes University

This app is worth downloading for all the Apple users. It is a complete package for all your MBA related subject matter and queries. The app enables you to subscribe to actual courses that are being taught at international B-Schools like Wharton, Harvard etc. You can easily access all the recorded video lectures and documents for any course subscribed by you.

Audio Memos

As evident from the name, Audio Memos is an audio recording application that enables the users to record lectures, workshops, seminars, meetings and conversations. The app is quite known for its high- quality recordings, editing functionality, options for bookmarking moments in the recordings, cross platform syncing and ability to normalize the volume. Voice and time activations are several other features of the app.

Super Notes

This app is quite similar to Audio Memos however; there are certain added functionalities in this app. The app offers a one stop to users by allowing them to save images, photos of lecture slides and notes at a single place. You can also make use of the color coding feature that enables you to use different colors for your notes and recordings for easy future reference. Moreover, you can download and share your notes easily to any device.


This interesting application is equipped with the functionalities of a scanner, PDF maker and a fax machine. This app makes it possible for you to access your MBA projects and study material anytime and anywhere.

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