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The Coolest Virtual Reality 3D Paintbrush from Google

Recently, Google has unveiled its new Tilt Brush. It is just a virtual reality 3D paintbrush. It is incredible and is the future Microsoft Paint. It started with the HTC Vive and is expected that it will expand to other gadgets shortly. It is currently the coolest innovation Google has ever come up with.


If you are a fan of 3D printing, this is the coolest thing that will ever happen to you.  It takes 3D printing to a whole new and amazing level. It makes use of ideas based on virtual reality. It allows you to paint like you have never done before, in 3D. The wearable tech digest has a shade lighter on the virtual reality 3D paintbrush from Google.

You are no longer limited to two dimensions’ canvasses thanks to the new 3D virtual reality paintbrush from Google. You are now free to create and paint just anything and wherever.

Additionally, you are now capable of painting mountains or skies and anything you wish under the sun. With a paintbrush, you are unstoppable. The word ‘cool’ is an understatement because it does not describe it.

Virtual Reality 3D Paintbrush Features

It allows virtual reality painting with 3D brushstrokes. This allows you to create just about anything with dimension. With it, painting has finally reached new heights. It allows you to paint and come up with virtual reality life-size 3D artworks.

With the aid of a console and VR lens, you are in a position to paint in the virtual canvass. As a virtual reality app, Tilt Brush has successfully pushed the boundaries of how painting can be represented. According to CNN, this virtual reality app is the coolest thing for professional painters and aspiring painters.

According to Google, with the Tilt Brush, you can now paint infinitely. You can now make use of your surrounding space as the canvass. The best part is that you can make use of a VR device and a console to paint and view the environment. Once you are done with your painting, you are in a position to view your work of art from a wide range of angles. This provides you with infinite options as well as multi-dimensional canvasses.

The ‘digital brush’ or the console will provide you with infinite painting possibilities. It allows connection to the HTC Vive device which is in a position to produce 3D and life-size paint strokes. This implies that your work of art can be as big as a huge room. Additionally, the Tilt Brush allows the use of guide objects or patterns the likes of the mannequin to assist you in the creation of 3D clothing designs.

Also, Google has said that the new technology will provide artists with a cutting edge experience they have never experienced before. It has built a virtual palettes library that includes light, fire and so much more. The best thing about it is the fact that it will help you paint installations and life-size artworks. These can result to a museum since you are in a position to walk through your virtual creation.

How it Works

In the meantime, the app perfectly works with the Vive bundle from HTC. The fact that this new technology is all over the market makes it possible for you to discover additional ways to make use of this creative and amazing technology.

In a recent interview with CNN, Said Dokins said that he had an idea of things he needed to do, but upon entering the virtual space, everything changed all over sudden. Another artist acknowledged the ability of this technology to allow gallery space and a museum installations platform.

This is an amazing and immersive work of art that will pave the way to a whole new age of artwork. With the virtual reality 3D paintbrush from Google, the reach and the realm of artwork has become infinite.

This has enabled the imaginations of artists to fly so high. It can match the quality and possibilities created by Microsoft Paint except the fact that painters get the brush virtually. It allows 3D space painting with virtual reality. Using your imaginations as the palette and your room as the canvas, you have endless possibilities at your disposal.

The technology provides you with different Brushes options to use with your VR device, which is currently limited to the Vive headset from HTC. Additionally, to use the Tilt Brush and make the best out of it, you will be required to sign up with the Vive’s Steam.

The technology and device work out perfectly for architects, fashion designers and artists. It allows them to express themselves and their creativity in the best way possible.


To start using the new Tilt Brush technology, you will need the HTC Vive. If you have never used it, you will have to buy it. For starters, it goes for $799. Once you have acquired the headset, you can start using the brush. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the use of the hand-held controllers so that you can make the best out of this technology.

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