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Windows Defender Vs Paid Antivirus System

Our laptop and PC’s are at constant risk to threats by malware, viruses, spyware etc and in many cases it has led to information leak, crashing of hard-drive and worst is losing all important data without the possibility of recovery. It is very critical to choose the right type of anti-virus to keep your PC safe from such threats.

Lately, Windows Defender has gained lot of popularity amongst Windows PC user primarily because it is free and provides adequate protection.


Windows Defender is a free anti-malware and anti-spyware system that is present as inbuilt PC protection system and takes an effort to secure the system. It is free and this requires us to maul over the possible cons associated with it and find out if it provides sufficient protection to our PC. The major motive of using an anti-virus is to ensure PC safety from threats and protect sensitive information but according to reports Windows Defender is unable to give complete justification.

Windows Defender and what it offers?

It is preferred by most of Windows PC user as it is free and comes from the famous house of Microsoft. Although it doesn’t provide complete protection but results have been satisfactory as it is able to protect the PC from external threats. It is an anti-malware and anti-spyware program that periodically cleans up threats automatically.

It runs through a continuous process of scanning and readily scans all documents, images and everything else on your system to eliminate any infection. It doesn’t lag or stop the system and silently does it work. The free security software is developed with a motive to provide convenient protection to Microsoft users and thus updated every now and then by Microsoft team. These updates are very important as it keeps the security system up-to-date and is able to identify any new or unknown external threat to the computer.

In a way, Windows Defender is convenient and sought after but its free availability makes its features limited and it can be only contributed by paid anti-virus system.

Benefit of Paid Anti-Virus System

Paid anti-virus system works on customer satisfaction formulae and offers high-end security to the PC. When we talk about paid anti-virus system, the quality of the software cannot be compromised as the reputation of the company that developed it is at stake. With the rising competition, paid anti-virus system are thriving to include more features at less price and gives one the privilege of complete PC protection.

The major benefit of paid anti-virus system is it not only cleans and monitors the PC of external threats and periodically eliminates infectious threats but also secures data. The paid anti-virus system is designed in a way to protect business information and other sensitive information from falling into hands of hackers, spies and spammers. It is one-stop security system that keeps your PC away from Phishers, Keylogger, Hackers, Malware, Virus and other threats.


In order to keep your PC safe and secured from external threats, it is of top priority to feed the computer or laptop with anti-virus system. Windows Defender has to a limit helped in detecting potential external threats and protected the PC from malware and viruses but its security features are limited.

It is always recommended to make a one-time investment or update the PC with paid antivirus to provide complete protection and secure data. Paid anti-virus has more features and security norms than Windows Defender as there is a price paid for using it and the company responsible for it will not compromise on its reputation. Hence, don’t take the risk and with one small investment, keep your confidential information protected and PC threat free.

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