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Today, we are living in a Data Centric age. Everything we try to do is collated, quantified and stored safely to help us in the long term. We usually choose to store everything we do in the form of data. All the errors, all the steps we take –we tend to keep a note of them to improve in the future using these statistics. These steps have a great benefit attached to their approach. You can easily draw out patterns and find errors you make besides other important information from the logs.


One such brilliant Operations Data Platform software is Used by many big organizations including BlaBlaCar, Canal+ and more, it is one of the best log analyzing and storing software.


As mentioned above, is among the top log analyzing software out on the market. Besides providing you with options to manipulate your log files, it also helps you to get a complete overview of how your system is currently performing.

It provides you with a number of dashboard options to measure the system’s OS Load, count the number of users logged in, check request-load balancing and measure response-time to help you in making improvements to your customer base and deliver high quality service.

What Do? provides the organizations with all the help to enhance their business performance by using their log data and machine data. You can easily channel all logs, metrics and machine data into a single piece. Also, it allows you to get an overall overview about all the things happening in your system environment.

The data can logged in real time using syslog-ng. You can create dynamic analysis of your system and provides you improvements for your software with the help of this log analyzer.

Top Features of

The is filled with a number of interesting features including the following:

Easy Setup

The whole database is completely online. The system is completely present on the cloud servers which means you won’t have to physically install the software on your computers.

Also you can get any information from your machine data. Integrate all your log data into the centralized analysis platform on the cloud and send the developing team with your request and then send you back with the reports.

Enrichment & Parsing

You can easily combine and integrate your heterogeneous data from logs to be visible in a structured manner. This allows you the ability to easily extract all the meaningful data you want easily from the log. Also, has the ability to recognize data patterns in your logs on its own.

It is the best way to combine different data together using dynamic tagging. You can even set your own regulations to make sure the data is combined in ways you want it to be.

Powerful Investigation Capability

The also allows viewing all your Centralized logs from a bird’s eye view. You can easily filter down the machine data by using a number of attributes to reduce down the visibility to the required options. It hasn’t been this much convenient to inspect your logs before and resolving events on the word go.

Flexible Alerting

Now, you can detect and measure the deviations from the usual log behaviors using this log analyzer. Creating few flexible alerts allows you to be instantly notified with all the data which happens with your data.

Also, the allows you to create your own flexible alerts and get them whenever you demand – daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly – whenever you want it on your email account.

Final Say

There is absolutely no doubt that is the most complete tool to improve your business further. The installation and usage steps might be a bit tricky to perform, but the number of positives it provides is truly spectacular. Besides the strong investigation capacity, the dynamic dashboard is an added bonus for the users.

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