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5 Apps Worth Downloading this Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is here once more. Family and friends up and down the country prepare to share presents, gorge on pumpkin pie and spend quality time around the dinner table. And now your smartphone can join in the festivities!


Once the turkey has been devoured and the family is well and truly stuffed, it’s likely to be prime time for a little digital entertainment. So, without further ado, here are our top five apps to download this Christmas…

Heads Up

If you’ve not had the pleasure of playing Heads Up so far, make it a priority for the festive period. The aim of the game is to guess the word from a card placed on your head before the timer runs out, relying solely on your friends’ clues to do so.

Although it sounds simple enough, it’s also surprisingly engaging. The idea first came from a regular segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show before developers decided to create a digital version, which has now received over 25 million downloads.

There are various game options to choose from – like naming celebrities and attempting ridiculous accents – which gives the game quite a long lifespan. As downloads go, this one has the potential to be a hit at any family gathering.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

A modern update of the classic children’s tale, this app boasts wonderful graphics and allows kids to explore pictures, learn new words and follow the story of The Grinch like never before.

It’s designed for children aged 3-6 and comes with three main options – ‘Read it to me’, ‘Read it myself’ and ‘Autoplay’. In all, this a great app for the little ones and even helps to improve their literacy skills.

NBA General Manager 2017

A brilliant free download now, this addicting app allows players to lead their favourite franchise towards the NBA championship title, sign players and battle it out against thousands of users online.

Now in its second edition, NBA General Manager 2017 features several different game modes and also includes plenty of power ups and enhancements, so you can strengthen your team to the max.


The iGaming industry has grown steadily year on year and, with so much top quality sport on over the Christmas holidays, you may decide to treat yourself to a little flutter.

Betway.be is one such online gambling site that has turned its attention to developing a seamless mobile version, which also includes an updated mobile casino, with roulette, slots and more. In fact, the iGaming industry as a whole seems to be investing more and more heavily in smartphone and tablet applications, matching the general public’s growing need for on-the-go entertainment.


Available on iOS and Android, the Amazon app is a must-have for perennial late shoppers who are keen to avoid the hustle and bustle of the festive high street.

The app allows you to review product details, read user reviews, check out the wish lists of your friends and family and, of course, make a secure purchase – all from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. No doubt there’ll be a few next-day deliveries again this year…

So there we have it…

The ultimate selection of mobile apps that you may consider downloading over the festive holidays. But of course, a mobile app isn’t just for Christmas. The beauty of these apps is that they are likely to pique your interest right through to the new year and beyond – enjoy!

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