Liberty VPS – Features and Pricing

VPS solutions are available in abundance but finding the right one is a difficult task. There are various VPS providers that ensure that they come with all the new age features but the pricing is so high that it is not affordable. Liberty VPS is a hosting solution that specializes in providing the best VPS packages under the prices you will just love.


There are many features that make it such a successful hosting provider among many competitors in the market. Few things like the Bitcoin payment availability and the offshore hosting facility are hardly available with any other provider.

Amazing Features of Liberty VPS

Some of the features available with Liberty VPS’s servers are praiseworthy and they are mentioned as below:

Extremely Stable and Reliable

Stability and reliability are the two factors that are highly essential when it comes to servers. Nobody wants their website to crash down just because of a small spike in traffic. Thus, Liberty VPS’s servers offer remarkable uptime which ensures high stability and reliability. Since it is a VPS, you can always expect it to be more stable than the normal shared hosting.

Budget Friendly

Most of the people don’t buy VPS because they think that it is too costly for them. However, Liberty VPS offers flexible plans for all the hosting options that it has. You simply don’t have to worry about being charged excessively because the hosting provider ensures that you get complete worth of your money along with the features that they promise.

Instant Setup

Setting up the whole server so that you can make it live takes a lot of time. However, with Liberty VPS you don’t have to worry about how much time it takes to setup. There is almost no latency period after you are done configuring your server and when it goes live. For those who are looking to quickly get started with their website will be impressed by the speed of Liberty VPS.

Pricing Plans of Liberty VPS

There are two different types of VPS hosting that Liberty VPS provides and the pricing plans for both of them are as follows:

Offshore Linux Hosting

You must have noticed that Linux servers usually cost less than the Windows alternative and the same stands true for Liberty VPS as well. The Linux pricing plan starts from around $19.99/month and comes with decent features to go with.

The server packages go up to $79.99 per month and they have high end features and specifications. Choose the one that suits your requirements and make sure that you don’t underuse your resources often. Most of the people choose the $59.99 Gold package which has enough features and specifications for a standard website.

Offshore Windows Hosting

Windows servers cost a little more than the Linux ones because of a lot of factors. Most of the specifications of the packages stay the same but the only difference is of the operating system.

The pricing for Windows VPS hosting starts from $24.99 and it goes all the way up to $99.99 for the top package which consists of the highest amount of resources that Liberty VPS provides. The recommended Gold package will cost you $79.99 per month which is completely worth it.

The Last Words

There is hardly any other VPS provider on the internet that comes with so many attractive features and has such a pocket friendly pricing plan. It also has multiple payment options including bitcoins so even the billing part is quite hassle free.

If you are looking for a new VPS solution for your business, Liberty VPS shall undoubtedly be your best choice.

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