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Tips to Confuse Opponents in Rummy to Win the Game

The classic Indian rummy is a game of strategy and time consuming depending your knowledge and experience. Anybody can learn as to how to play rummy with the right amount of dedication and learning. Picking up a few rummy strategies will only do you good in the long run of the game, if you are an active player. This includes learning about the cards thoroughly and its various usages through practice and patience.

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Learning to bluff properly is also a strategy that can be handy in many different ways. Confusing the opponents can be used to make sure that they give up the cards that you require. It’s one way to ensure that you win the game. Here are some ways you can smoothly pull off a bluff without the opponents noticing.

Act more confident

It is said that confidence is the key to success. Acting confident no matter whichever cards you are dealt with is important. No matter how bad or good your hand is do not let the other players get a hint of it. Stay composed and think of how all you can play the game. Being calm and collect will confuse your opponents a lot, giving you a bit more chance to win.

Pick unwanted cards

Picking unwanted cards is one way to bluff the players in the game. This strategy can be applied when you may require only a few cards to finish up your sets or sequences. By doing so you let your opponent think that you have a particular set of cards and they will react accordingly with their own counter strategies.

This can confuse the opponents who would re-strategize their game plan and might even discard cards that can be useful to you. Just ensure that you are not picking up unwanted high value card that can get you more points even if you are defeated.

Bluff as though you have mismatched card

In order to bluff in any game of online Indian rummy first you have to keep a watch on the opponents. You can figure out what all cards they have and what they require from this. If a player is not picking up from the open deck then it means he might be struggling with a difficult hand. At this point drawing some cards will make them think that you are close to completing the sets or sequences. Make sure that you draw the cards that you require only. Seeing this there is a chance that the opponent may drop out of the game.

The rummy strategy of bluffing can be applied anytime. This strategy may help you win a game of rummy when things may seem going southwards. That being said, one can only pull off such a tactics only after sufficient planning and practice. If playing online try to limit the usage to once every 5 to 6 games as the more you use the more the opponents will be aware of it. Always test out your strategies before the actual game.

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