The Best Security Suites of 2018 – Bitdefender vs Norton vs McAfee

Are you in search of an antivirus solution to protect your device from harmful malware and malicious threats that might affect your device or downgrade its performance? Confused among the number of choices you have? You should always go with the top players in the industry while looking for an antivirus program. Bitdefender, Norton, and McAfee are some of the top players in the industry to eye. Still, you will find yourself confused between the three.

The Norton versus Bitdefender versus McAfee comparative will help you decide which one if the best choice to make and why. Before comparing three top antivirus solutions we need to have a glimpse about them.

Bitdefender – A Brief Insight


Bitdefender is a cybersecurity and antivirus solution company based in Romania. It was founded by Florin Talpes (acting CEO) in 2001. Bitdefender has now become one of the most reputed companies when it comes to internet security, endpoint security, antivirus, and cybersecurity products.

With a user base of over 5 million, Bitdefender has come up strongly with its powerful products tailored for the needs of users.

Norton – A Brief Insight

Symantec Corporation developed Norton as anti-malware software back in 1991 to serve the computer security needs of that time. Since then, they have advanced up to next level making their product capable of detecting most advanced threats and keeping the system protected 24×7 from malware. It uses complex heuristics and signatures to identify the viruses and remove them instantly notifying the users.

McAfee – A Brief Insight

McAfee is a security solution company that is based in California. It was formerly known as Intel Security Group. It was founded in 1987 by John McAfee and is now purchased by Intel Group. It claims to be the world’s largest dedicated security technology company. The company has seen many mergers an now it falls under the child companies of the Intel Group.

Bitdefender vs Norton vs McAfee

All of these antivirus solution providers are popular among the masses and it is extremely difficult to choose the best one among the three. If you compare Bitdefender with Norton and McAfee, Bitdefender is slightly better than the two and this comparison will proof the point.

Installation and Interface

Bitdefender antivirus takes 5-6 minutes for installation. Approximately, same time is taken by Norton and McAfee for installation. Bitdefender offer 1-click setup, remote controlling, one-email to control everything, quick widgets, easy-to-operate rescue mode, and navigation-friendly dashboard.

Norton and McAfee offer easy setup, device control, and few other features, but there dashboards are not that user-friendly when compared with Bitdefender.

Malware Detection

AV-Test and AV-Comparatives are the two top companies when we have to examine the malware detection rate of any anti-virus software. On examining these antivirus solutions with AV-Test, we got the following results.

Bitdefender showed 100% malware detection rate on 4 scans and this is the reason why AV-Test has awarded it ‘Product of the Year’ award. McAfee also scored 100% malware detection rate on 4 scans. However, Norton showed up just 98.4% malware detection rate. It is not at all bad, but when compared with other two, Norton disappoints.


Bitdefender works smoothly with your system. It uses the most advanced technology to minimize the resource utilization that ultimately improves the speed of operation of your system. When we talk about Norton, it always has a reputation of slowing down your device by utilization more system resources.

In recent AV-Test reports, McAfee slowed down the system while loading popular websites, installing software applications, and at several other instances.

Clearly Bitdefender is better than the two when it comes to performance. It utilizes minimal resources and doesn’t let the system to compromise the speed due to unavailability of resources.

The Verdict

Bitdefender, Norton and McAfee are the top notch antivirus solutions available across the internet. McAfee and Norton are among the oldest antivirus providers, but still, Bitdefender overages them when it comes to performance. Bitdefender makes use of advanced technology to minimize the resource utilization and speed up the scan process.

It is capable of detecting any new threat within 3 seconds and notifies you when it does so. Going with Bitdefender over Norton and McAfee seems to be a wise choice.

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