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Ingramer : The Ultimate Solution for Instagram Growth

Being in the field of digital marketing is as tricky as enticing it sounds. Even though it is a new field, it has many quite old challenges. Being employed in it is one challenging task as well.


Last week my superior came with a weird job for me. I was supposed to increase the followers on the official Instagram page of the company. And not just some followers but I had to target of 10,000 followers ahead of me. I was tensed and perplexed and had no clue how to get that many followers. So, I started looking online, and the first question I typed in the search bar was “how to increase the Instagram followers?” To my surprise, I got many suggestions for it. I thought I could try all of these.

So, I started with some petty ways like requesting the followers to bring new followers. Also, I tried using discount coupons for people who bring at least 10 followers. But the overall increase in the number of followers was just 1000. Then, one of my friends who work in the same field suggested that I should try INSTAGRAM BOT. The Ingramer bot is an automation tool for Instagram that promise a certain growth in the number of followers and likes.

I couldn’t believe it actually worked. That is simply because it is something that is too good to be true. I mean for the social media managers like me, it is a godsend. I mean it was almost zero hard work compared to all the previous I have done till now. The process of getting the growth of followers is very easy.

The process takes hardly seven minutes. As soon as I signed up, added my current Instagram account and then made the order. A very interesting message popped up “slow down, relax and enjoy”. I was quite happy to see an optimistic message from the developers. Then, came the various payment options.

So, I had to choose from the option of subscription for two weeks, one month and three months. Each option had a different set of features available for the purchaser. Looking at the requirements of my company I chose the ONE MONTH plan. In this plan, I got the features of

  • Likes automation as well as comments automation
  • Automatic followers
  • Options to create many hashtags
  • All-time online customer support
  • Various analysis instruments
  • Many other utilities.

All this showed a confirmable difference on the Instagram account almost in no time. I was able to create many trending hashtags, bringing more people to the official page. Plus, with all the smart tools that I got for analysis, I was able to measure from where I got the most follows and likes. I found that I have been targeting the wrong set of people and thus I changed my marketing campaigns according to the potential customers.

With the 24/7 online support, I was able to contact the developers actually helped me to solve the issues on time. With more automatic likes and comments on the things I posted, we were for one month, at the top of every account’s feed. That was a win-win situation for me. As along with the followers, I was also able to improve the popularity of the company. And all of it with a lot of convenience, effectiveness, and safety. For some bucks, I was able to get the popularity of many lakhs.

The privacy of my account was intact. There was no leaked data or reach of data from my Instagram account. Plus, user accessibility is quite high as well. I do not have any glitches or issue in using the Ingramer BOT. Ever since I have been using the three months subscription pack of the Ingramer. You should definitely give it a try.

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