Smartphones Leading the Way in Gambling Popularity

We always knew that mobile gambling was going to become something exceptionally popular with bettors when it first became a thing. What wasn’t so certain was exactly how popular this form of betting would become. Yet, with the entry into another new decade, it seems as though mobile gambling remains high up on many players’ priority lists. It stands out as being a particular rival, so to speak, of standard online gambling.


There are some who have made claims over mobile gambling apps being much more dangerous than other forms of gambling, though. Some speculated that even though the United Kingdom had gone through a reduction in the maximum bets possible on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs), the mobile apps stood out as being a lot more risky than them.

Yet, this hasn’t stopped people from downloading them to their devices and accessing sportsbooks and casinos through their mobile device web browsers. In fact, speaking of the UK, mobile gambling remained as one of the very hottest trends throughout 2019. Judging by the current climate across the world for the moment, that’s something that looks like it will continue, too.

Then again, with so many online platforms now providing mobile versions of themselves, it’s little wonder. Mobile gambling is something that can be done swiftly, and as all bettors know, it’s all about convenience.

Mobile Apps Dominate

You only need to look at such a platform as Bwin to realize exactly how popular mobile gambling is. This site has its very own app for users to download to their smartphone or tablet. From this Bwin mobile app, players can access the various online casino game options, the sports betting possibilities and more. It’s free to download and allows you to log in with your standard username and password. You’re also able to deposit through the app and request withdrawals from your account. Essentially, you can do just about everything that you’re able to do on the desktop version.

So, it stands to reason that if you’re able to place your favorite sports bets from your smartphone, why would you even bother going to turn the computer on, wait for it to load up, navigate to the website, login to your account, make sure it’s funded and then proceed with making your wager? Mobile gaming and betting are both made much easier via smartphones and tablets.

But, could it be that in due course, standard online sites will become much less used and almost defunct in the same way that many land-based outlets did when internet betting became a popular option? Time will certainly tell on that front. Alas, there have already been calls by MPs for additional limitations to be put on games at online casino sites within the UK. These echo the previous impositions placed on FOBTs, with maximum limits of £2 per bet suggested for the games. If these limitations did come into effect, then they would also affect the mobile gaming industry as well.

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