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Use Grindr Anonymously And Safely With A Disposable Phone Number

Grindr is not a regular dating app. This geo-location-based app was developed for the LGBTQ community. Now lots of people all over the world use it. The main difference of Grindr from other dating apps like Tinder and the like is that people often use it for a one-night stay rather than for long-term relationships.


There are concerns relating to the privacy of the app, though like with any other dating app. But after the dating service was sold to the Chinese company in 2016, it was revealed that the Chinese government could get access to the private data of millions of users. Namely, it allowed Chinese authorities to learn about people in the US with HIV status and their private messages.

Then, Beijing Kunlun that owned it, decided to sell the app allegedly because of this controversy, though having turned a good profit out of it. The Chinese company bought it for $93 million and sold it for $608 million in a couple of years.

Lots of prospective users of Grindr wonder about the ways of using this app anonymously and not to connect it to Facebook and without exposing their personal phone numbers.

Privacy and temporary mobile phone numbers

It doesn’t take much time to set up a Grindr account. You just need an email, a phone number, and a password, of course. People can sign up via their Facebook account.

As far as privacy goes, it’s never too much. Mind how much personal data you post on the app. Avoid using your full name, personal email address, and phone. Use a photo that has never been posted on the internet before because images might lead to your identification.

OnlineSIM virtual phone numbers for Grindr

OnlineSIM is the service that offers temporary numbers to Grindr users, which means you can chat with other people on this app without sharing your personal phone number. And there is a reason for it because when you are just hooking up for a while, you won’t need to give your unique number to the person.

Use second Facebook page to register on Grindr

You can also sign up for another Facebook page and register on Grindr via that second page. To register anonymously on Facebook, you might need a virtual sms phone. OnlineSIM is a free sms online receive. Go to your account on OnlineSIM and select Facebook from the list of available services, then copy the number to the registration page on Grindr. That’s it; your account on the dating app is ready to use.

You can order a temporary phone number on OnlineSIM for a short time, or you can request an individual phone number and use it for an unlimited period receiving a total number of confirmation codes for verification.

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