Lock your Desktop Icons with DeskLock!

Desklock Security is an easy-to-use desktop protection system to keep your computer secure from both malicious and inexperienced users. The application allows you to lock down and password protect particular windows, programs, Control Panels, Start menu items, and system components.

DeskLock locks icons onto your desktop making it impossible to move them even by drag and drop. To disable it, in case you need to move an icon, you can specify in the the options to use the right mouse button to disable it or configure a hotkey.

How to Use ?

1. Download DeskLock Software.
2. Now arrange all the icons on the desktop as you want.
3. Now start DeskLock.
4.It will lock all the desktop icons so no one can move them after it.

You also use the shortcut keys for it. It is very useful software so just give it a try and let us know how it works for you.

Links : Download DeskLock

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