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Some Ultimate Facebook Marketing Tips

Here are some ultimate Facebook marketing tips which will help you. Facebook is evolving and improving continuously to provide more avenues for individuals and businesses to explore. Its latest set of changes on its platform include a new design, layout and using iframes for customized tabs, all of which can be beneficial to businesses.

facebook marketing tips

Facebook Marketing Tips

Using an immensely popular social network like Facebook makes perfect sense to spread word, and businesses can make it their best Facebook marketing plan tool, if they follow the following Facebook Marketing tips:

1. Create pages instead of profiles-

Businesses often treat Facebook as individuals and create a profile, which is of no use. A business needs a page and not a profile which is meant for individuals, and this is clearly stated in Facebook rules. If Facebook finds out about a business with a profile it can be terminated. A page will also allow the business to have an unlimited number of “friends” unlike profiles that have a 5000 friend limit. One of the best Facebook Marketing tips so far. It’s the best way to use Facebook for marketing as it’s the most used Facebook marketing strategy all over the world.

2. Personalized attention to Facebook fans –

Small businesses have everything small, including a fan list, hence making it easier to provide personalized attention to each. This helps in preserving these contacts through some interaction like comments, replies and posts, and also responding to every comment or “like”.

3. Unleash the potential of top photo strip-

The top photo strip on a Facebook page can be beneficially used to portray the right image of the business through pictures of its employees, products and what it stands for. A hyperlink attached to the products diverts viewers to the website page for more information. I love this tip as we can use facebook as a marketing tool.

4. Functional menu items-

It is not uncommon to find buttons on menus that are inactive. Nothing can put off a prospective customer more than this. Menu options linked to pages offer more information to hold the viewers attention.

5. Create Custom Pages-

Facebook previously used FBML and has now moved to iframes for creating a custom page. This adds to the functionality previously unknown to the page, like navigation on the page, a welcome tab and so on.

6. Third party applications-

Apps for Facebook are being devised by third parties and this has simplified a lot of functions for Facebook.

7. The use of photographs –

Photographs are a great way to display new products and promotions. Facebook has a new ‘light box’ feature for this display of products with captions and details, and also a hyperlink.

8. Featuring other pages adds to the appeal of the business page.

9. Uploading mailing list for more connections-

The mailing list can be uploaded and those who are members will be informed about the page, and others can be notified through emails by Facebook about the page along with an invitation to join the fan group.

10. Update information but not too frequently-

While it is important to update the page with new information that is relevant, doing it too often can have the opposite effect and put off the fans.

With all these Facebook Marketing Tips, merchants of business can take advantage of the new Facebook version to promote their business.

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