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5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Geeks

1.  A life-size replica

Geeks tend to embrace anything that makes them feel like they’re part of their favourite world. Think Buffy’s Mr Pointy, Obi-Wan’s lightsaber, Captain America’s shield or the One Ring to rule them all … if you get your geek their favourite replica they’re likely to cry – a lot. When sourcing a replica online, make sure you visit sites that offer licensed versions of the item as they are likely to be better quality and better replicated than other versions. There are hundreds of sites to visit and most let you shop according to movie, which means even if you’re completely clueless you’ll be able to source something cool.

2. A statue

Your fan boy will love you forever if you get this right. Along the same lines as the replica, this one’s especially perfect for comic book geeks as they literally spend hours planning their ideal statue or bust collection, taking pictures of them and posting them online. I know because I’ve got a geeky friend who almost had a coronary when I handled the box of his She-Hulk statue a little too recklessly one time.

3. A subscription

Whether to their favorite online site, a comic shop or a magazine specifically catering to geeks around the globe, a subscription will ensure they get their monthly fix and put you in their good books eternally. Whether subscriptions to Deviant Art, World of Warcraft, Popular Mechanics, Wired or X Box Live, your geek’s obsessions are expensive and if you can take a load off, why not?

4. A box set

They might pride themselves on the fact that they have every episode of their favorite show downloaded on their super fast pimped out petabyte (that’s 1000 terabytes) external, but no geek can deny the allure of their very own box set, especially when there are extra features like unseen episodes, director commentaries and gag reels. This one’s wide open – Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Dune, Star Trek, Supernatural, Angel, X-Files … and the list goes on and on.

5. Gadgets

This is a little tricky, as your anti-establishment techno geek will probably have very specific ideas of the kind of technology he or she wants to support – think Wacom drawing tablets, iPads or Android phones. For something a little more gimmicky, check out the selection of cool stuff available online, from Darth Vader hair dryers and musical mousepads to rockets with onboard cameras.

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