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What to Consider When Choosing Between an LCD and a Plasma TV

Television sets have gone a long way since the classic black and white sets, and technology has made such great strides that what is available in the market can make any consumer’s eyes pop out with the choices.

Gone are the days when you only had several brands and sizes to choose from. Today, you have television of all sizes, not to mention the technological differences. One of the biggest questions for people in the market for a new TV is whether to get an LCD TV or a plasma TV. If you can relate to this dilemma, take a look at the most important things that you ought to consider.

Contrast Levels

This basically refers to how the blacks compare to the whites. While we are talking about color TVs, the contrast of these two colors are important in such a way that the higher the contrast ratio, the better the picture quality. The dish is this: plasma TVs hold the advantage when it comes to blacks.

Color Accuracy

More than the contrast ratio, you also want to look at how the TV renders colors. While vivid and bright colors are pretty to look at, a TV that shows realistic colors provides a more pleasant viewing experience. In this regard, mainly because due to the underlying technology, plasma TVs again have a slight advantage over LCD TVs. However, depending on the specific model and the lighting in your room, LCD TVs can compare very well to some plasma TVs.

Screen Ghosting

You are probably familiar with the concept of images getting burned into the screen because of the aging or wearing down of the pixel cells. This results in shapes/colors being permanently shown on the screen. LCD TVs do not really have this problem, which is more of an issue with plasma TVs. However, manufacturers have measures in place to prevent screen ghosting anyway and it takes eons before it can actually happen under normal use.

Power Use

The last thing that you want is to have an awesome TV and then having to limit its use because of power consumption concerns. There is no going around it – whichever kind of TV you purchase, you will consume power. When it comes to the point, however, there is little difference between plasma TVs and LCD TVs. It is worth saying, though, that LCD TVs have a slight advantage in this regard, especially if you go for the ones that use LED backlights.


At the end of the day, many consumers will look at the price tag. Even if experts extol one type of TV over the other, the price just might be the deciding factor. The verdict? Plasma TVs win this round, especially if you are looking at bigger sized TVs. Here’s the deal – plasma TVs look to be a better buy especially in terms of value for your money, but if you look around and find great deals on LCD TVs, why not?

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