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Setting up A Computer Network At Home

Back in the good old days we would never have thought that the average household would be networking computers together to share an Internet connection. In fact we probably didn’t even realize that Internet was going to be invented. Computers have taken the world by storm and now the average household has more than one computer. The more computers in the house, the more need there is setting up a computer network at home.

At first people presumed that setting up a network at home is a difficult thing to do, however now days, the hardware and software we use has made it very easy to share an Internet connection and set up a computer network.

What do you need to set up a computer network at home?

  1. You will need more than one computer that requires an Internet connection. If you live by yourself then there probably is no need to set up a network as you can just simply plug this one computer into your broadband modem.
  2. You will need an ISP which is an Internet service provider. They usually provide you with a modem and now days it is usually a broadband modem.
  3. If you have more than two computers, and your broadband modem is not a wireless modem, then you might need to buy a router to distribute your connection.
  4. Each computer that receives the Internet needs to have a network adapter attached to it. This could mean that it has an Ethernet port, or a wireless adapter to pick up a wireless signal. Each computer must have an adapter to pick up the connection either way.
  5. If you are setting up a wireless network then you need either a wireless modem or a modem and a wireless router. Each computer receiving the signal will also need a wireless network adapter. Most laptops now days have a wireless network adapter installed internally.
  6. If you are setting up a wired computer home network you will need to buy Ethernet cable in order to connect the computer to the router or modem.

If you have everything you need you are ready to start setting up your computer home network.

Here are some quick steps to get you going

  • If you have a broadband modem you can either connect one computer to it or you can connect two computers to one modem.
  • If you have three computers and a normal broadband modem then you will need to buy a router to enable you to connect more computers.
  • If you have a wireless modem then you can connect as many computers as you like, as long as they have a wireless adapter to pick up the connection.

I hope these quick tips about setting up a home computer network can help you.

After you have set up your home network sometimes you might face certain problems with home networks that might interfere with your Internet connection and use. Getting familiar with router networking terms can sometimes get you out of trouble and help you set up the correct settings for the home network that you want.

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