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Best Add-Ons for Internet Explorer

When searching the web, you want to have a productive and pleasant experience. You may want to customize your browser to better suit your needs. If you use Internet Explorer, there are thousands of add-ons available to help you achieve whatever it is you want while browsing. Here are some of the best add-ons for Internet Explorer.

1. LastPass

This is a great add-on that will help you by remembering all your passwords. For every website you log-on to, LastPass will store your password. The next time you visit the site, you can log on with a single click. It’s incredibly secure and uses local encryption, so all your passwords are completely protected and safe.

2. IE7Pro

This is a must-have add-on for everyone that uses Internet Explorer. It will make your browsing capabilities much faster. It also adds many great features, all in one neat package. It will give you automatic spell-checking, block website advertisements, block Flash, switch proxies, recover your tabs in the event of a crash, easily manage your tabs while browsing, and much, much more.

3. Yoono

For the social networking addict, this is a very useful add-on. It will combine all your social networking sites in one place. You can quickly view what your friends are doing and update your status across all platforms at once. It works with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, AIM, Flickr, Linkedin, Foursquare, and more.

4. Define with Wikipedia

If you rely on Wikipedia to help you learn about things you come across while browsing, this add-on is perfect for you. It allows you to highlight any word or phrase on any website, and then quickly perform a Wikipedia search for the relevant definition.

5. Find on Facebook

This add-on will help you quickly and easily connect with any person, business or group. Whenever you see someone’s name or business name mentioned on a webpage, you can highlight it, and when you right-click, there will be an option to “Find on Facebook.” It’s a great way to find the Facebook profiles of people you’d like to “friend.”

6. ViLoader

This add-on will allow you to download and save any video you want directly to your computer. It works with YouTube, Google Video, and more.

7. Inline Search for Internet Explorer

This app will help you locate the exact information you’re looking for on any website. It will be integrated into your browser. Anytime you want to find a specific word or phrase on any website, just type in your search query and this add-on will find it for you inside the website you’re currently viewing.

8. McAfee Site Advisor

This is a great free security add-on. It will help protect you from adware, spyware, viruses, and other scams. It will also warn you about potentially dangerous websites, and it will give each site a security rating with a small green, yellow or red dot in your browser bar. It will also give you site ratings next to your search results.

9. ShareThis

This nifty add-on will make it quick and easy for you to share anything interesting that you come across online with your friends. You can automatically email content to your contacts, or post it to your social networking sites like Facebook and more.

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