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Paper Camera App Review

Capturing a special moment on camera is a great way to keep memories alive. But sometimes, the resulting images can look a bit flat and dull. Cue Paper Camera, a brand new app with plenty of substance and instant wow factor.

On opening the app, an attractive interface welcomes you, complete with a background that looks like a screwed-up piece of paper and icons and writing which appeared to have been written in colorful crayons. You instantly get a feel for the app, and as you switch between colour and effect filters, the image in the image viewer switches through the available options.

Here was my attempt at creating interesting photos using the Paper Camera app:

Taken on face value – the fact that I chose to take images of a lifeless pot of flowers – just think of the opportunity the app gives you when you’re faced with real-life situations such as friends’ birthday parties, family get-togethers and cute pet photos.

The other half of the app is the ability to capture video in the app. This was a great aspect of the application, as instead of shooting a normal video and applying the filter post-production, you’re able to choose your filter and shoot the video in real-time with the filter already applied.

In total, there are eight different photo effect filters to scroll through, and each is totally different as the next. The sketched effect on each of the filters was incredibly detailed, and this app will definitely keep you entertained for hours.

You can also play around with the contrast of your images, brightness levels and how many lines will appear in the selected filter. All these aspects add even more control over your photos, and you’ll be sure to find a photo filter that suits what you’re looking for in a photo.

The Paper Camera app transforms your photos in front of your eyes. You can opt to save your images directly to your camera library which is a great addition as sometimes some apps offer you the ability to save photos when in fact they are then saved to a folder you can never seem to find (or have to go deep into the app to find).

For £0.69, the Paper Camera app really is a worthwhile addition to your app library. The app is really well thought-out and the seamless design is attractive. This app is available for both iPhone and Android.

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