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Technology has improved in leaps and bounds between the start of the new century and today. Everything from cell phones to computers are smaller and better equipped each year. What CAN’T technology do nowadays? Even the home is becoming a haven for futuristic gadgets. What are some of the coolest items than can enhance a home’s aesthetics and functionality? Let’s take a look.

Front Door Safety

Remember the days when the most important safety device at the front door was the peephole? Residents would stare out the hole to see a warped view of the visitor ringing the bell. Currently, front door safety is enhanced with monitoring. Specialized cameras and intercoms are set up to cover the front door’s area; residents can talk and view the visitor from a control panel deep inside the home. As a result, residents stay away from a possible dangerous situation by conversing with the person from a far away area.

Family Safety

Large homes can be full of different family members, from babies to the elderly. Cameras strategically placed around the home, such as near a swimming pool or in an infant’s nursery, can bring peace of mind to a busy family. Parents can keep an eye on children playing in the yard while they cook dinner or view a baby napping from a different room. A customized control panel allows viewers to choose the camera or cameras to view at the same time for overall home safety.

Musical Moods

Speaker systems installed within a home can be filled with music downloaded from a computer’s memory or from Internet radio sites. In fact, music from a resident’s smartphone or MP3 player can be streamed to the speakers so that the entire home is filled with music. No longer are long complicated wiring configurations needed to install multiple speakers throughout a home; most speakers will work on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology to negate the need for wires.

Vacation Peace of Mind

Giving an empty home the look of a busy household is imperative while residents are away on vacation. Futuristic high tech monitoring systems allow residents to control lighting and electronics, such as televisions, with the press of an icon on a smartphone; residents can turn on specific lights to make the home look like someone is moving around each room. This process deters potential thieves from striking an empty home.

In the end, high tech gadgets lend convenience, as well as safety for busy households. Between cameras and mobile access, a home can be fully equipped to be ready for a party or a vacation with the simple click of an icon on a smartphone or control panel.

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