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Top 5 iPhone Apps to Help Soothe You to Sleep

I have compiled a list of Top 5 iPhone apps which will help soothe to sleep, have a look,

iRelax Melodies


This program features a number of pre-recorded audio loops. They are all designed to help soothe you into a state of relaxation. These samples include rain, birds chirping, gentle flute music, lounge music or the sound of a river. A unique feature of this app is that you can adjust your simulated position inside a two-dimensional soundscape using a simple touch interface. This lets you customize where the sound appears to be coming from.



This program is specifically designed to help you to fall asleep. It has three primary modes. One imitates the sounds of gentle rain, another sounds like a babbling brook and the final mode imitates a thunderstorm. Each mode is a category that contains multiple sound loops. For example, you can choose how rough you want to hear the mouth of a large river or just a small stream. You can also choose the severity of rain or storms. It is a little inconvenient that this program is split up into 3 apps, one for each mode. It would be nice to see the three integrated. However, if you only use one mode, you may appreciate not having the others around to take up space on your iPhone. Note that this program doesn’t feature a timer or the ability to mix multiple sound loops together.

eSleep Lite

This unique program allows you to choose a background loop which forms the base of your customized soundscape. On top of that, you can select up to three “noise” tracks that supplement the base sound. For example, you can choose white noise, pink noise, brown noise, crickets chirping, ocean waves crashing on the beach, a rushing stream or light rainfall. You also have the ability to record your own noise tracks. The noise and base audio all have their own adjustable volume sliders.


This program’s most unique feature is that its audio samples are recorded in a high-definition format that the developer calls “holographic audio”. A simple switch turns on or off the “earbud optimization” feature. The goal of this software’s approach is to make you feel completely immersed in sound. This program is robust, but still very simple to operate. It features a sleep timer so that it can shut off when you fall asleep. This helps to save battery life.

White Noise Lite

Despite its name, this program has quite a bit more up its sleeve than just white noise. It features a number of soothing sound loops including waves crashing on the beach, torrential rain, an oscillating electric fan, a thunderstorm, chimes, a grandfather clock and even the travel sounds of a train and airplane. The program has multiple control methods, an automated timer and the ability to upgrade its sound catalog from the Internet.

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