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Top 3 Tools to Create Custom Ringtones for Free

I think almost every person becomes bored of the standard ringtones on their mobiles really fast. That’s natural. People want to associate their contacts not with a manufacturer but with some memories or feeling, which can be represented in the form of custom ringtones for any person from your contact list.

There’re many programs for editing and formatting audio files. But do you really want to crawl through numerous settings and unknown effects? It’s much easier to create your own ringtone online. Here’re 3 online easy to use services for creating custom ringtones that will help you to make your phone sound unique.


This is a pretty handy online service that offers a good range of options for working with audio files. First of all, the service supports not only mp3 files, but also AAC, FLAC, M4A, OGG, WAV, WMA. Thus you don’t have to convert your audio file into mp3. That sometimes may be really useful and save time. Having upload your favorite song either from a computer or from URL you have to choose the piece of song you’d like to convert into a ringtone.

Three modes (Easy, Advanced and Expert) help you to choose the preferable bitrate for your ringtone, choose its format and add various effects. After that the only thing you need to do is to press ‘Make Ringtone’ button. Your ringtone is ready for download!


Here’s another great online service to create custom ringtones. It’s functional is less various than the one of MakeOwnRingtone. But the fact is that most of the functions you simply don’t need. Here you simply upload a file from your computer, choose the piece of music you like and convert it into a ringtone. Simple and easy.

The service provides you with a music library where you can browse your favorite artist and song and download a ready-made ringtone, read a short bio about the artist and his or her discography. Apart from that, the site features the latest news from the world of music.

I Want Free Ringtones

And the last online service on my list. The procedure of creating a ringtone is pretty the same: you upload a file, choose the settings (format, audio adjustment) and create your ringtone. An here we have a very interesting feature – after creating a ringtone you may publish it so other people can download your ringtone for their phones. If you want to keep it private – just don’t publish the ringtone and keep it to yourself.

It goes without saying that all three services are free. Visit them, create your own custom ringtones and enjoy the music. In case you know other great online services for creating custom ringtones , feel free to drop a comment.

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