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5 Customer Relationship Management Trends and how CRM Systems can Help

Customer relationship management systems are evolving rapidly. As customers become accustomed to the benefits of CRM systems, they expect more. By staying on top of emerging CRM trends, your company can stand apart from the competition.

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM solution that you choose will have a major impact on whether you can remain on the cutting edge or not. Learn about five important CRM trends and how CRM systems can address them below.

1. Big Data

Big data is a very popular buzzword these days. It refers to the massive amount of data that’s generated every day through transactions of all kinds. By harnessing this data, a business can gain invaluable insight into its customers. The best CRM systems will allow businesses to make sense of big data in an actionable way.

2. Crowd sourcing

A savvy way to determine where improvements are necessary is by putting your customers to work for you. This can be easily accomplished by soliciting customers for feedback at regular intervals. Today’s best CRM systems allow companies to take information that they’ve collected from customers and distill it into easy-to-understand terms.

This information can be pulled from a variety of sources, including social media sites and email correspondence. Popular options like SugarCRM streamline the process of collecting crowd-sourced data, which allows you to make informed decisions.

3, Customer Service

Today’s consumers are savvier than ever. They don’t want to wait to get the help they need. One way to address this issue is by offering live chat assistance on your website. You shouldn’t stop there though. By taking the information that’s collected during live chats, you can zero in on recurring problems and develop viable solutions for them.

SugarCRM’s Live Chat module is just one example. A company can take the information that it has gathered during live chats and send it to SugarCRM. Once it’s there, it can be used to make more effective customer service decisions.

4. Mobile

More people are using smart-phones, tablets and other mobile devices than ever. Mobile access allows employees to stay in touch while they’re on the go. Today’s best CRM systems offer mobile access for superior productivity. Employees no longer need to be tethered to their desks to stay on top of customer relationship management processes.

To be as effective as possible, mobile CRM needs to closely replicate desktop solutions. Mobile is here to stay, so it’s smart to choose a CRM system that offers superior mobile access.

5. Social

CRM systems allow companies to take what they know about their customers and use that information as effectively as possible. Social media sites are rich repositories of information about current and prospective customers. Many CRM systems, including SugarCRM, are designed to allow you to leverage social media information in many important ways.

These are just five examples of emerging CRM trends. New trends are always developing. Make sure to choose a CRM system that allows you to make the most of these trends.

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