6 Unavoidable Free Online Tools for Blogging

Blogging is in no way complicated provided you get acquainted and implement the standard norm of the game. One such obvious law of blogging is that you need to be tech savvy and be willing to learn more of the upcoming software and tools that help you as a blogger. The more you snub using such tools, the more are the chances that your blogging experience gets cumbersome.

But ironically, the toughest part is to choose the right blogging tools for yourself. But wipe off your worries in this regard. I have made a list of stuff that I use to help myself in blogging. Most of these tools are free online applications. I have covered here the most important tools of my list of blogging tools. So here we go –

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free online tool that has made it to the top must haves for over 95% of serious bloggers. It is a statistical representation of the traffic that come in and goes out from your blog. It is indeed not as simple as it sounds. It is capable of giving you in-depth view of the performance of your blog precisely.

2. MailChimp

As a blogger of this age, I’m pretty sure that you either have a developed email list, or are planning to have one soon. Whichever the case might be, MailChimp is the ultimate free tool that you crave for. It is an email marketing tool that lets you manage your newsletters, subscriptions, send invitations, remainders and so on.

MailCimp is extremely straight forward to comprehend. It allows you to make custom templates for your newsletters and subscription forms with an easy WYSWYG editor.

3. Copyscape

With the increase in the number of bloggers and deficit of unique ideas, it is likely that that your blog’s content will be subjected to plagiarism. Copyscape is the online tool that helps you be proactive in managing and monitoring the theft of your content on the web.

4. Pixlr

Images form a major portion of your blog’s content. Most of the times you may need to edit your images in a snap. While there are other professional image editing software, none can beat Pixlr in the online (and free) segment. It is capable to doing most of the editing part as done by pro applications and at the same time is made for the non designers.

5. The Free Dictionary

The Free Dictionary, as the name suggests is a free online dictionary that has got thesaurus and idiom suggestions integrated in it. I do not think I need to elaborate on this. You know the importance of being a grammatically correct blogger right?

6. YouTube

This gigantic video network can be seen as a humongous database in which you can find videos addressing to most of your blogging related concerns. Believe me; many top bloggers resort to YouTube for help.

These are the most vital free online blogging tools that I use extensively in my daily blogging pursuit. I am pretty sure that these tools will deliver great value to you too, no matter which platform you blog in and for which niche.

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