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YouTube Rolls Out Redesigned Channels

YouTube has announced the roll out of Once Channel for all users and they really love to do it. If you had visited You Tube recently you will have seen the vast changes in there. A limited beta test has been completed and the design has now been thrown to all users.


During the beta test period, You Tube had collected lots of information which it has passed on to creators. This information has already been incorporated and a workable model is already on.

The principal focus in bringing this update, according to You Tube is to give the new channel a refurbished look over a range of browsers, screens and gadgets. The main benefit to users is they will be able to convert more visitors into subscribers through the trailer channel. There are also provisions that You Tune users can take advantage for reorganizing video content and playlists to fit across all strategies for programming.


You Tube is advising users to try the new features to get a really great experience with the new channels.

Feature 1: Creating Trailers

The purpose of creating trailers is to give a glimpse of the content that is to follow. They are primarily aimed at creating an interest in the principal content for those who are not subscribed to users’ channels.

It is expected that users will be able to leverage the trailers to kindle interest in the minds of the users before calling them to take action. You Tube is advising users to keep content in the trailer to the minimum – just enough to create an interest and nothing more or nothing less either.

Feature 2: Creating a Channel Art

The purpose of this feature, You Tube says is to create a brand image that will instantly create a visualization about your channel. Users are being encouraged to create the art for the channel which they advise should be big and bold. The art, You Tube says is designed to be responsive to different screen sizes whether big, small or medium.

Feature 3: Organizing Video content and Playlists

This feature is expected to arrange all the videos and playlists systematically so that visitors can find programming in a fairly simple way. There is also provision to customize the look of the channel home. It allows for total control of the channel at a mere click on the mouse.

Using the New Features in Redesigned Channels

Interested users can take a look at some of the recently migrated channels at

If you want, you can click at the bottom of this page and migrate your channel to the new order with the new design in them. For some more time the old pattern will continue You Tube says, but that is not going to be for always.

You can for now however switch back and forth. For more information on optimizing your channel, you must visit

The process for optimizing is arranged in 3 sections – Overview Section, Details and Examples. For other instructions on maintaining the feel of your channel, reaching the audience and example sites, visitors can go to

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