How to Make Your App Ideas to Reality?

Since the first moment I realized I could create my own mobile app, my mind instantly began developing ideas for the most-needed, and exciting, application. I am sure your mind did too. However, coming up with a creative idea and turning it into a reality are two very different things.


I soon realized I needed the ability to convert my thoughts and ideas for mobile apps into reality. That can be even more challenging for individuals that are not savvy in app code, though it’s a necessary component for most app developers when creating a mobile application.

Luckily, once an individual gets the hang of it, they do not need to reinvent the wheel, and can build many apps based on the same designing and coding process. The process includes:

Clarifying the Design

I quickly learned during the creation of my first mobile application that I needed to clarify my design. I needed to understand who my target audience would be, and exactly how the application would benefit each user.

Create Wire Framing

I began to design a wireframe of exactly how every screen would be mapped out, based on functionality. This meant I needed to understand every key component of the application to ensure it operated as the user expected.

Pay Attention to Detail

A well-designed mobile application works perfectly because the designer paid strict attention to detail. This included how well the application worked in both portrait and landscape positions, along with which touch buttons to use, and exactly how the user would intuitively use the app.

Add Color and Graphics

The correct use of colors and graphics is essential to designing the perfect mobile application. Gaming and fun apps require bright and exciting colors, while text driven applications should incorporate minimal colors and gradients.

Add Icons in the Design

Smartphone and tablet users are intuitively expecting easy-to-understand icons place correctly in the overall screen design.

Create Your App

Once you have a firm understanding of exactly how your application will function, look and operate, you will need to learn application code. While it might seem daunting at first, it is easy to get the hang of, and allows you, as the designer and developer, to create an awesome app.

Launching Your App

Using the Android Emulator, or the iOS simulator, you can launch your newly designed application to see exactly how it functions. By using it, and playing with it, you can ensure that it operates exactly as it should.

For me, the biggest part about transforming my app ideas into reality is always more about being passionate concerning my app design, the production and development, and less about knowing how. With a bit of creativity, and an eye for developing intuitive, creative designs, turning an app idea into reality is not nearly as hard as one might believe.

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