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Five Mobile Apps Corporate America Needs to Know About

Revolutionary mobile apps can add unprecedented efficiency to collaboration and communication in corporate America, and those corporations who invest in mobile technology early can gain a significant advantage over competitors. Today’s business apps can simplify and enhance things like event hosting, expense reporting, teleconferencing, idea-sharing and document creation and sharing in ways never before possible.


If integrating mobile technology into your corporate workflows and team dynamics seems daunting at first, never fear. Here are five mobile apps corporate America needs to know about:

1. DoubleDutch for Events

DoubleDutch’s event app revolutionizes event organization by connecting attendees with event hosts and each other in new ways. The app gathers agendas, real-time attendee surveys and unique networking features into a single platform, guiding attendees through a hectic event schedule to make more effective connections with others and get the most value out of their participation.

Everything in DoubleDutch can be edited in real time, allowing last-second changes to agendas without causing the slightest hiccup in the attendee experience.

2. Expensify for Expense Reporting

Expensify takes the hassle out of expense reporting for mobile and remote employees. The app securely ties into corporate credit card accounts to seamlessly import all expenses while storing digital copies of expense receipts.

Expensify integrates with popular corporate accounting platforms for instant updates to the appropriate accounts, eliminating the time-consuming need to manually approve, enter and code individual expenses. Robust reporting features add even more value to this app, allowing accounting managers to quickly track expense trends at any time.

3. Evernote for Notes

Evernote brings every conceivable form of digital note-taking together in one all-inclusive app. With Evernote, corporate employees can store notes on the fly from anywhere, including text, voice, video, photo, webpage snippets and scanned documents. The app integrates with a PC version, allowing users to access or take notes from virtually any device.

In addition to that, Evernote allows users to instantly share notes with colleagues around the world, revolutionizing the way people collaborate and share ideas in real time. All of this means greater efficiency in teamwork, communication and collaboration across all levels of an organization.

4. Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is a leading teleconferencing and remote presentation platform that can connect managers, individual contributors, customers and even sales prospects quickly and efficiently. WebEx allows host attendees to share their entire screens, or just individual applications, and to pass control of applications on their machine to any attendee for greater interactivity.

In addition to robust voice and video chat, WebEx can record any presentation for later viewing, creating cost-efficient opportunities for employee development, customer service and marketing initiatives.

5. QuickOffice for Documents

Quickoffice is a leading mobile alternative to PC document authoring software, allowing users to create, edit, view and share the most popular Microsoft Office filetypes, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint. This app is a must-have for executives or employees on the go, providing a means to get meaningful work done while traveling or away from a PC.

With these five apps in hand, corporations can enhance collaborative workflows, customer service, innovation, event hosting and accounting while achieving dramatic cost efficiencies. Those corporations agile enough to embrace the mobile efficiency revolution can lead the way in defining the lean and highly profitable enterprises of the mobile age.

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