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Is Your Website’s Landing Page Mobile Compatible?

Gadgets play a crucial role in ensuring the success of different businesses. With most of the costumers accessing a corporate website via their mobile devices it becomes crucial to ensure that your site’s landing page is mobile compatible.


Considering the ease and flexibility of accessing websites via mobile phones, more and more consumers have started using the device for gathering information about the best quality products and services available in the market.

Why have a mobile-compatible landing page?

Irrespective of the kind of business you deal with, adding a Mobile landing page for your website is quite crucial for ensuring its seamless access. If your website’s landing page is mobile-compatible then it becomes convenient for the mobile users to quickly access your company’s phone number, email address or the directions to your office.

Unlike the usual laptop/desktop compatible website pages, ascertaining the mobile-compatibility of your website helps in making sure that your website would be visible to and easily accessible by a good population of mobile users residing in different corners of the world.

Checklist for ensuring mobile-friendly nature of website landing page?

Following a checklist for mobile-compatible nature of website landing page is what every business owner must do in order to ascertain the smooth functioning of his/her organization. Some of the most crucial aspects of this checklist include:

  • A perfect balance between desktop/laptop experience and handheld device experience– Consumers who’re used to accessing websites via their desktop and laptops want to find the same basic content and user interface on other screens too. As an approach towards gathering maximum customer attention you should opt for maintaining that balance between the desktop/laptop version and mobile device version of your site’s landing page. This will keep your customers engaged in your product offerings.
  • The usage of right technology– Configuring your website for varied screens expects you to use the right technology for building the site’s landing page. As a business owner you need to be very particular in choosing a technology that’s being supported by a large number of mobile devices. Factors which need to be considered while choosing a technology include- cost, time to build, available workforce, infrastructure and needs of potential customers.
  • The inculcation of features which’re as per industry standards– While building the landing page for your website it is important to check out the latest trends in the mobile web industry. You shouldn’t shy away from analyzing the trends followed by your competitors rather you should ascertain that your website’s landing page is well in sync with what customers are looking for.
  •  Hosting the website using a single domain name– Whatever configuration you choose for making your website’s landing page mobile-compatible, it is important to host the mobile site on the same domain as the one available for hosting the existing desktop/laptop compatible website. This is necessary in order to avoid any confusion among the site visitors.

Must-have elements for a website landing page

Landing page, also called as a Capture Page is the very first page of your website. The sole purpose of this page is to convert a mere visitor into a lead. In order to ascertain that this purpose is being met successfully it is crucial for the site owner to ensure his/her site’s landing page comprises of the must-have elements.

Here’s a list of some of the most important elements your site’s landing page cannot do without:

  • A well-defined business offer– Ensure to include a proper statement of your business offer as this would help you in attracting only genuinely-interested audience.
  • Limited usage of graphics– Unlike the inner pages, you should make sure the site’s landing page isn’t flooded with graphics as this might distract readers from understanding your business message.
  • A well-designed Contact Form– A majority of business professionals forget to include a Contact Form on their website’s landing page. This is a common mistake which needs to be avoided. It’s crucial to collect the contact details of your prospects and take full advantage of your marketing campaign.


Although by now you’d have definitely got a clearer picture of what your website’s landing page must include, still if you feel the job to be quick confusing then you can always opt for web design companies which deal in designing mobile-compatible and feature-rich landing pages. I’m sure seeking help from such firms would aid you in gathering potential customers for your website.

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