Top 5 Free iPhone Games

iPhones are anticipated to be power packed with stunning features and multiple options. Its fantabulous design, phenomenal display size and lavish appearance, functionality and the amazing gaming experience it offers makes it stand out in the crowd of telephone trade.

This highly riveting and ravish device gives an amazing & exquisite user-friendly experience that gives you an impeccable balance between eye-catchy looks and phenomenal performance. The multiple features incorporated in iPhones gets you head over heels for the awesome device.

There is much more to it, which enchants and gets you glued to the phone for hours. The addicting games supported by this new age device keep you captivated to it for long hours.

The Best Free Games for iOS Devices

iPhones and iPads are outstanding gaming devices. Games available in it include strategy, puzzle, arcade; board games, hardcore and many more .Let’s take a brief look at the 5 most addicting games for iPhones and iPads.

Sonic Dash


This is a fun filled and engrossing game that requires good patience. Unleash Sonic’s unbelievable dash move that allows you to run at blazing high speed and destroy that comes in your way. Stunning graphics, multiple characters and epic boss battles make this game way better than awesome.


The game is simple and its controls are quite easy to learn. The story unfolds dark, unsolved mystery and the gameplay is elegant, beautiful and seamless. The auto saving feature gives an impeccable touch making it intuitive and hence deliver immersive experience. Right from the starting cutscene the game changes into a whole new perspective.

The fact that the main character is a kid you probably get more attached to the character and try harder not to disappoint him. The surreal plot line draws emotions from the beginning to the very end making it intense and innovating throughout.

Angry Birds

This gripping game still continues to delight. In this game you should help the birds to destroy and take down the pigs’ defenses. Angry Birds is certainly going to dominate your life for hours at a time with its ability to achieve three stars in each level.

Candy Crush Saga

The newest and mind-rattling amazing game is Candy Crush Saga. In this game, you have specific goals which must be accomplished by matching up three or more than those candies of the same color.


It just sounds easy but reaching the goal with least number of moves, evil chocolates, unfamiliar and strange board shapes and other hurdles raises the level of the game and makes you pull up your socks and rattle your brain. Candy crush is entirely free to play till some moves and levels.

Slotomania, Free Slots

This game is relished by millions of people that offer free and unlimited entertainment, sensational graphics and high quality sound. The best part of this game is its easy game-play and chance to win Big!!


This addicting game does not manipulate or intervene with tournament outcomes by any means. Results are completely dependent on the choices made by the players and on luck. Players mainly love Elvis Slots because of the following features offered by this interesting game:

  • Addition of new and unique games.
  • Special promotions are offered frequently.
  • Innumerable chances to win free spins, coins from bonus rounds, mini games and attractive gifts.
  • You can also receive or send gifts to friends and swiftly unlock other exciting games.
  • It is easily and instantly accessible from any device at any place and anytime.

The Final Say

There are other free addicting games available on iPhone or can be easily downloaded but the above mentioned ones seem to rock the charts and standout the rest.

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