GetResponse vs iContact – The Best & Easiest Email Marketing Software

If you’re into online marketing; or even kind of some other specialized niche in the industry, you might be aware of the fact that “Money is in the actual list”. Email marketing is one of the best methodologies for carrying out the task, if you wish to automate your online business. And, you will just need a great e-mail service provider.

The reason Why?

If you’re not necessarily using an adaptable e-mail marketing service, it’d result in too many issues in doing the actual jobs as well as the failure rate will also be high. After which you’d end up thinking that the idea behind e mail marketing sucks. But actually, it’s not the actual circumstance.


In this post, I’m going to do a comparison of GetResponse & iContact, and find out which email service provider is the best. As they’ve been often in the top e- mail service providers list therefore in the event you’re looking to change your existing email service provider — read this review, and acquire the very best email service provider out there.

Following is the comparison of two of the top email marketing service providers available in the online market in which I’m not associated with any of the two. Here you will get the complete details of the strength and weakness of both the email service providers. Read the article to find the best email marketing company out of the two.


On the subject of rates, GetResponse is ahead of iContact because of its affordable service plans starting from $15/monthly ($12. 5 in case you select the annual plan), permitting up to 1000 subscribers wherein for iContact their plan starts from $14 permitting merely 500 subscribers. And so GetResponse can be a lot more flexible when it comes to “Pricing”.


Taking a look at features, oddly iContact has in excess of six-hundred themes; contrary to it GetResponse has 500. Nonetheless GetResponse has integration with Sales force, WordPress, to permit you importing the contacts which often lets you transfer the contacts with it’s remarkable drag and drop feature.


GetResponse Dashboard

GetResponse’s templates are designed to be even more customized, wherein you won’t obtain these kinds of accessibility in case of iContact.

icontact Dashboard

iContact Dashboard

Most crucial, the Free of charge Trial of GetResponse gives access to just about all functions with virtually no constraint, however in case of iContact it will simply gives free access of just 100 subscribers with minimal functions.

End user Experience

Evaluating to iContact, GetResponse possesses additional elegant and sleek look, end user experience in addition to the navigation feature. It has a very good UI/UX of iContact too, noticeably very good, nevertheless it’s complicated as well as a little old-school, in contrast to GetResponse which includes modern look.

The navigation is actually little disorganized, missing feature page of iContact. With regard to email service provider you will need a very good practical knowledge to stay long lasting.

The Takeaway

After inspecting both email marketing platforms, I tend to favor GetResponse due to its competitive prices as compared to iContact and other similar services. The fact that GetResponse also has loads of templates and a landing page creator definitely adds to the overall lucrativity of the platform.

Another boost is the which is essentially a university to learn email marketing, something iContact lacks. In the future, I intend to also inspect MailChimp and AWeber too.

The purchase price is fair; even intended for smaller businesses, and also works effectively. Therefore intended for serious e-mail marketing this particular always can be the most powerful with a success ratio of 99% — several email service providers doesn’t have great success percentage that makes things worst.

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