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Keep Your Personnel and Projects Organised with Timesheet Portal

In the making of digital India, paper work seems to be getting replaced by different software that could help in reducing human effort and is also safe to be handled and stored. Timesheet Portal replaces your existing paper based system and provides you much better features those can help you in many ways.

Timesheet portal

Online Timesheet Portal is a kind of timesheet that allows the worker to submit online, to his/her manager for review (only if required) for approval. It is actually software that is used to maintain timesheet and centralize it to save human effort and money factor in an organization.

This portal is designed in a way that it could be worked upon and understood by everyone who knows the basic of the software. It is highly interactive and is easy to use. It is also useful because it provides the feature of accessibility for 24*7 and can be approached from anywhere in the world from the cloud feature of internet.

There are some of the features that this portal offers to its users that makes this software a good tool for your organization.

  • It allows you to set the format for the time, that is, whether in hours or in days.
  • Track the numerical quantity. This helps to track the sales of a commodity.
  • It allows you to create custom rates according to the needs or the conditions.
  • You can also add notes in the Timesheet for future references.
  • Timesheet can be imported or exported for multiple approvals.
  • It is possible to record each detail and track or audit it easily.

Timesheet portal also allows you to manage the expenses of various services or commodity and also manages the various holidays accordingly.

This portal comes in two categories, namely, Standard edition and Recruitment edition. Standard could be used for any other work but Recruitment edition is for the firm that handle the recruitment work. Some of the features of Recruitment edition are:

  • It allows you to customize the entry method.
  • Reporting can be done on hourly basis.
  • It allows you the service of submitting the timesheet through text messages as well.
  • It also allows you to produce or make multiple timesheets for various jobs and also allows you to submit for reviews to multiple places.
  • It also allows your client to view all the timesheets of all the employees, to make him able to produce his own reports.

The main feature of recruitment edition is to produce invoice automatically so that you can easily bill your clients and enable you to pay your contractor on time. This edition is built to make you able to manage different recruitment based database effortlessly. It is based on the different needs of different businesses and is smartly presented to help in various operations.

There are many other features as well that makes this product a sensible buy. One of those features is that this work great on mobiles as well which means you can manage your database on mobile as well. The website is mobile enhanced and works great on this portal as well. Another thing is Database integration. You can easily integrate your Timesheet with other databases where this could be used as a reference. Online Timesheet Portal also provides you automatic notification about the proceedings of your database.

Overall this product is very efficient for replacing your heavy paper record burden and move towards a green solution of it. It helps you on various fronts and hence is a good buy on overall basis.

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