Incredible Benefits of Integrating Salesforce with WordPress

Salesforce is the foremost CRM solution available today and offers a host of tools for organization and storage of prospecting and sales data. The platform is huge and infinitely extensible, so there are several things you can do to enhance your productivity with Salesforce.

Integrating Salesforce with WordPress

One of these would be to integrate your corporate WordPress website with your Salesforce platform. Here’s why.

Simplistic Management

By syncing all your WordPress users onto your Salesforce CRM platform, you are able to maintain a solid, unified and cohesive database, and can further utilize core WordPress tools like site registration and much more to generate and add new leads to your Salesforce database from the WordPress site itself. Also, fields can be synced across both applications, which would allow all departments in your company to access the same data set.

You could keep user accounts synced dynamically, tagging leads as customers, and then providing access to “customer-only” areas of the site. This is completely automated and tremendously reduces your teams’ workload.

Form Submissions to Leads

By seamlessly integrating Salesforce with WordPress, you can make use of hooks and filters which would send form submissions straight to your CRM to be converted into leads. You will be able to keep tabs on the performance of your forms so that you can delete or fine-tune the ones which don’t work too well.

Track User Activity

By converting page history into a Salesforce Object, you can get insights on all logged-in users visiting that page at any given time. You will, however, require a fair amount of computer resources to track users on your site. This could also turn out to be quite expensive for you, in terms of bandwidth. You would probably be better off using HubSpot integrated with Salesforce for the same purpose.

E-Commerce Store Solutions

Your entire product database can be integrated into Salesforce, and then synced onto an e-Commerce store using a custom integration solution with a product catalog. It could record inventory, sales data and pretty much any characteristic you want, and help you target customers for new campaigns or promotions.

Campaign IDs for WordPress Actions

You could associate WordPress actions with Salesforce campaigns and this would allow you to register all your WordPress subscribers for your sales campaigns. The Campaign ID can also be granted to users who submit form details. Further, you could keep track of posts viewed or activity and dish out specific targeted campaigns for the same.

Integration with Custom Objects

If you have a team of good developers and knowledgeable Salesforce admins, you will find that the sky is the limit when it comes to Salesforce’s extensibility. It can find its way onto pretty much any platform and work so seamlessly after integration that it would feel like it shipped that way.

You can extend functionality with VCSs like Salesforce Git and Salesforce GitHub. If you’re into real estate or are renting out properties, for example, you could simply store all relevant data in Salesforce, and a simple integration with the custom objects will allow you to keep track of rent payments, due dates, and any other issues in real time. With WordPress integration, you can also set up a payment portal through your WordPress site and have stats updated directly.

Salesforce has been designed to work across a number of platforms, and WordPress supports this functionality boost fully. If its hidden features are ignored, you’d be spending a lot more on a lot less. You can now carry out all the customization and configuration you need to build a solid backend using WordPress which will serve your business well and make your life a lot easier.

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David Wicks

David Wicks is a Salesforce admin and developer. He has worked extensively on building and testing plug-ins, tools and extensions like Salesforce Git and Salesforce GitHub.

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