7 Services Your SEO Expert Offers

If you are struggling to rank highly on search engine result pages (SERPs) it is time to invest in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO experts help to improve your ranking on SERPs while you concentrate on the core business. By improving your website’s visibility on search engines your SEO specialist. With over 3 billion people using internet services globally your brand must be seen online and this is exactly what an SEO expert will help you achieve.


These specialist offer custom design services that suit your website and the target audience. Some of the services offered by an SEO specialist include:

1. Web Audit

Before any SEO project starts it is important to evaluate your site to identify what needs to be rectified. An SEO specialist looks at your site structure to determine whether your pages are being indexed on search engines. More importantly, they will look at your links to determine whether some are broken and repair them if necessary.

The web audit should also check for the mobile responsiveness as more internet users today are on mobile. This step will also include conversion analysis, competitor analysis, and the technical infrastructure of your site.

2. Keyword Research

This is one of the most important tasks an SEO specialist undertakes.  While Google algorithm is hard to play, there is no gainsaying the importance of keywords in getting you noticed by your target audience. The right keywords will help you reach the relevant audience and boost conversion rates.

This will also lead to better ranking on search engines. There are many tools to leverage in order to ensure you target for the right keywords and your SEO strategist will deploy them to guarantee you rank highly in your niche.

3. On-site Optimization

This process will help boost the user experience (UI) in terms of easing maneuverability of the site, examining the link structure to reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates.  The process will also involve checking the keyword density, page load speeds and general organization of the site.

On-page optimization is all about helping search engine spiders find your content and improve your ranking while also improving the user experience.

4. SEO Copywriting

As a website owner you don’t have the time to create content, publish it and edit it. Your SEO specialist will create content based on your business objective, publish it and promote it on other authority sites. They will also identify opportunities where you can edit the existing content to guarantee more traffic and boost your SERPs ranking.

In SEO content management your specialist will also check the distribution of keywords to avoid penalties while also giving a better UI.

5. Link Building and Outreach

Link building is tough and it is getting tougher as Google updates its algorithms. Nevertheless, there are still opportunities to acquire backlinks without falling foul of Google algorithms. Link building involves publishing great content and distributing it in order to get the attention of others. It is important to use white technique to avoid the backlash of Google penalties.

6. Social Media Marketing

There are millions of people on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp among others. While these networks started off as means to connect friends and family they have now evolved into business marketing tools. You can leverage the popularity of social media to increase your conversion.

The more brand mentions you get on social media the better for your business.  An SEO strategy must involve social media integration to guarantee your brand is being seen and shared online.

7. Reputation Management

This is the information age which means internet users are rapidly sharing anything they find online. One bad review of your brand can spread rapidly affecting your traffic flow and running your reputation. An SEO strategist has the tools to constantly review your brand mentions and ensure everything that is spreading is positive. In

In case, of any bad review, they work hard to ensure your image is corrected. You will always get alerts on spams and bad reviews and advice on how to remedy such issues.

An SEO campaign championed by an expert will guarantee more success. These experts know which tools to use depending on your business objectives and target audience. More importantly, they know what is trending in SEO and will borrow the best ideas to ensure your ranking on SERPs is improved leading to more conversion.

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