Creative Ideas to Boost Your Gaming Clan’s Engagement

Games can a great source of entertainment, socialization, and even skills development. However, it can also be repetitive. And nothing spells “boredom” more than a gaming clan that’s run out of things to do and discover in-game.


What do you do when you’ve already completed a game’s primary goals and your gaming clan is clamoring for more? Here are some ideas.

Make Your Own Rules

If you’ve been playing a game for the longest time, chances are, you already know the rule book front to back, top to bottom. Why not inject some excitement by creating a new set of rules? Think of it like buying an expansion pack for a card game, or installing an update to a console or online game.

Tweaking some of the game’s mechanics not only challenges your clan mates mentally, they’ll also find new ways of playing. You can make them up on your own, or you can adapt some instructions from other games. Of course, the new rules won’t be official, but it will still be fun and challenging.

Participate in Group Chats

Joining and participating in discussions in a gaming community app will help your clan gain insights on how different people from different parts of the country—the world even—play the games you love. You’ll also gain new friends along the way, and pick up some new techniques, too!

There’s a wealth of topics you can open for a conversation. Ask the group’s opinion about the latest update from the developers, make a survey on what’s the best weapon or hero for beginners, or have a Q&A where the pros answers questions from the newbies.

Hold Inter-Clan Challenges

Host mini tournaments among your members, and see how they deal with the challenge. Similar to making your own rules, you can also make different goals or mechanics for each mini tournament. For example, in a real-time strategy game, see who can win a skirmish with the AI with the least possible resources consumed. Or for a first-person shooter game, try to see who can win without using any snipers.

There can be limitless gameplays and challenges, which can help your clan practice, develop new in-game skills, and be better players overall.

Try a New Game

Of course, there will always be a certain bias for your favorite game. However, it doesn’t hurt to broaden your horizons a bit. If you’re a fan of real-time strategy (RTS) games, then try a new RTS first, and see how your clan likes it. From there, you can expand your gaming portfolio to different genres.

Following your trial, open up a new discussion in your gaming community app, and see how your clan’s response. You can raise points on the highs and lows of the game, what elements they liked and disliked, and how this new game compares to your favorite.

Give Bonuses to Active Members

Within a group, there are usually the highly engaged, the occasional participants, and the lurkers. Of course, you want every member to be very participative, but that scenario is highly unlikely, especially if you have a rather big group. However, you can always encourage engagement through a rewards system.

For example, you can give in-game credits to the most active members for the month. Or, if you’re a gaming clan that regularly participates in national and international competitions, give the highest-engaged gamers a chance to participate in the competing team.

Include some guidelines to “police” the kind of engagement you receive. For example, a comment should contribute to a greater discussion and not just be along the lines of “OK” or “That’s great.” This way, you get quality conversations and participation as you keep your clan’s interest in the group and the game.

Engaging your fellow gamers doesn’t have to always be in-game. Keep your gaming clan interested and invested in your group and not just the game, and see how your members become better players!

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