The Benefits of Using a Global Product Safety Testing Company

In an increasingly global marketplace, producing and selling on an international scale is plagued by regulations and requirements. The environment for producers is complex and dynamic. Companies looking to create products with a long shelf life must sell safe products that comply with a country’s specific requirements and regulations.

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Legislation is constantly changing and compliance standards continually updating. Outsourcing your global product safety testing to a professional company ensures your products gain approval in a timely manner.

Global Regulation Testing Companies

Ensuring your products apply to the specific standards and requirements associated in the country you are selling can be a laborious task. Global regulation testing companies can help relieve the stress of managing technical barriers and figuring out the compliance requirements associated with a specific product.

These companies come with in-depth knowledge of country requirements and the legislation in place for product approval. Your products will be tested against the enforced safety standards and upon approval gain a third party certificate.

Provided Services

Global Regulation Testing Companies can provide assistance in the process of your products ending up on store shelves. Professionals come with a slew of skills that can give you a competitive advantage in your market. Clear guidance to market entry, thorough market research, and product testing are some of the many ways a regulation testing company can put you ahead of competitors.

Getting Your Products Certified

The process of getting your products approved and certified is composed of three key steps.

  • Your product is tested against the safety standards and criteria of your entry market.
  • A technical file and factory inspection report is assembled and then assessed by a third party certification organization.
  • Upon assessment that your product complies with the specific safety regulations, certification is granted.


Making use of the professionals streamlines a normally arduous process into a clear path for product entry; access to the most current market requirements and standards expedites the timeline to product release. These companies enable expansion into global markets through guaranteeing on time or early release dates and reducing overall cost.

Safety Testing is more than complying with regulations- it’s a system that helps the world create high-quality products and producers. The benefits are twofold- consumers and producers create and indulge in a world of higher quality. Consumers are able to trust the products that stock shelves, due to the high standards producers follow. Making use of a global safety testing company is a great way to increase the reliability and reputation of your products.

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