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P2P Private Messenger: Can It Protect Your Online Security?

Day by day, the speed and amount of data we transfer via the web are increasing. This state of things makes the invasion of privacy extremely easy for hackers and corporations. Advertisers, law agencies make use of modern apps in order to collect media and other sensitive data. Why do they need this information? One group is generating profits while targeting ads and manipulating people online. Other is committing governmental investigations and espionage. When you allow access to your microphone or gallery on your device, you make your data available to hack, and voice calls easy to record and overhear.

Even when using your bank account via public connection, your access information can leak to fraudsters. For these reasons, a security-focused private messenger is a must-have tool in the digital era and should be used in combination with encrypted browsers, emails, and other services.

Utopia ecosystem is a P2P toolkit intending to protect normal online activities. Along with instant messenger, a browser, email, crypto wallet, you will obtain crypto coins for the time you spend online. Let’s discover the details further!

Private messenger of 2020: 5 proofs of safety

The increasing number of privacy-focused individuals apply Utopia toolset daily. Why does this emerging environment appeal to businesses and selves?

  1. High-level encryption. The encryption technology the system implements is the most improved yet trusted. The layout is built with the Elliptic cryptography and 256-bit AES, encoding the data users transfer via different channels – instant messages, letters, crypto transfers.
  2. Decentralization. No central server is needed for the Utopia functioning. This arrangement guarantees that sided intruders can’t reach the data flows and sensitive files; the input leakage is barely ever attainable. Interactions,  media exchange, and transactions proceed directly between two sides.
  3. Anonymity. Utopia provides users with real confidentiality. You never reveal your ID, address, and other contact details while registering and using the network. This private messenger is never attached to a phone number. Alternatively, to identify users by nicknames’, the system produces a unique code for each member. They search one another using this code.
  4. All-in-one usage. Forget about burdensome extra downloads of encrypted software – all the necessities are included in Utopia. You can use the opt-ins simultaneously from the single dashboard. To organize several apps in one window, you just need to enable the Hybrid mode in the settings.
  5. Bonuses in crypto. A user’s balance is replenished with Cryptons local tokens, every time they activate the Mining bot. You can exchange the domestic coins for other currencies or use them for internal payments and transfers. Remember to enable this tool and get your profit!

The revision of domestic toolkit

Let’s figure out what instruments are available within the Utopia ecosystem:

uMessenger. The internal messenger is encrypted and safe for exchanging text messages, different file types, and connect to several people in groups. The image viewer is comfortably integrated into the chatroom. The robust upper hand is that Utopia encrypts group dialogs despite the participant number by default. Exchange stickers and play games with peers inside this messenger!

uMail. The private email is embedded for users who aim to exchange letters for personal and business issues.  The information is encrypted and can be sent exclusively to the addresses validated on the ecosystem. Moreover, Utopia lets you plan Templates for routine purposes so that you can use them quicker. Save your time and enjoy it!

Idyll browser. The local web searching tool aims to make the viewing of local pages protected. Significantly, you can only explore the websites registered across Utopia. Opposing to current browsers, Idyll is ad-free and contains no tracking algorithms. Additionally, you can develop and add your website in several minutes – chargeless and secure!

uWallet. The internal wallet works like a diverse financial center. Fundamentally, you can issue a customized crypto credit card. After, you are free to transfer tokens across Utopia and buy goods. Also, you can set aside a trader account and sell products in payment for crypto.

To sum up, Utopia is not solely a private messenger but a growing ecosystem of complementary tools. When using the chat room in combination with encrypted instruments, your five-star security is guaranteed! Download and gain more crypto!

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