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Android Vs. iOS: Which Is Better for Gaming and Sports Betting?

Everyone knows that the two biggest mobile operating systems in the world at the moment are Android and iOS. The latter is primarily used for powering Apple devices, while the former has been found in devices from Samsung to Sony, Huawei and beyond. That being said, the first handset to utilise the Android operating system was a HTC Dream, and that occurred way back in 2008.


Now, while both operating systems and the phones utilising them support mobile betting and gaming, a long-running question has always been which one is better for it. Generally speaking, it probably depends upon who you ask. iOS loyalists are likely to suggest their iPhone or iPad as being the best, while Android users are more likely to force their device forward as the best. Is there a way of really deciding upon what’s better, though?

One thing that stands out about iOS devices, is that they do often tend to gain access to games first. A lot of the time, online gambling sites will have an app created for iOS handsets before an Android user even gets a look in with such. Of course, this doesn’t affect gamers from simply loading the casino or sportsbook site up via their handset’s web browser. So, unless you’re specifically interested in downloading a betting app or gambling game to your device, this is of little consequence.

What Else Stands Out About Mobile Apps for Smartphones?

The game quality can differ from device to device, of course. This is generally due to the sort of specifications that your handset has though, rather than the operating system in action. The biggest issue where Apple is concerned, is that every now and then, it will introduce some new law that restricts access to games or betting apps etc. This leaves iOS users with little to do but watch on as Android users continue to play their favorites.

So, while mobile betting at locations like Betway is accessible through an Android handset, it may not necessarily always be available via an iPhone or iPad. Speaking of Betway in specific, there’s also a promotion that users of any device can utilize. This Betway promo code allows you to obtain £30 in free sports bets when you become a member of the site and make your initial deposit there. Then, you can proceed with wagering through your Android or iOS handset on the sports that you love with these funds.

Generally speaking though, where sports betting and casino apps and gameplay are concerned, neither the Android nor the iOS system is specifically better than the other. Both allow you to have high-quality experiences with the games that you’re playing or sports you’re wagering on. You’ll be able to do all of the same things through the apps as you would normally, so you’re not better off one way or the other. What counts is what you’re comfortable using and prefer.

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